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Alternatives to laser eye surgery for vision correction in patients with dry eye

Posted: Feb 03 2018

Dry eye disease is common and can be exacerbated by laser eye surgery. For this reason some patients with dry eye should not have LASIK or LASEK laser surgery due to the risk of making their dry eye condition worse. Conditions associated with dry eye disease include Sjogrens syndrome and other rheumatoid conditions, connective tissue disorders and blepharitis. Some patients may naturally have a tendency to dry eye. Contact lens tolerance in a dry eye patient is usually difficult and uncomfortable meaning that most patients are limited to glasses for achieving their best vision.

visian ICL

In patients with dry eye related problems seeking vision correction and freedom from glasses a very good option is the Visian ICL implantable contact lens. This is a special type of lens implant that is placed behind the pupil inside the eye.

The lens is not visible from the outside and can not be felt. Visian ICL lenses have been used since the early 90s. Various models of the lens have evolved over this time.

At OCL we use the latest V4C model lens with Centraflow technology. Because the lens is inserted into the eye through a very small 2mm incision at the edge of the cornea the surface of the eye and tear film are not disturbed. Unlike a normal contact lens on the surface of the eye the ICL lens does not require any cleaning or maintenance. The procedure is reversible and the lens can be removed when required (for instance when cataract surgery may be required later in life). Visual recovery after ICL surgery is rapid, with most patients achieving excellent unaided vision within a day or two of surgery.