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Laser Eye Surgery

iDesign Lasik (laser eye surgery) – is it the best?

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Difference between long-sightedness (hypermetropia) and short-sightedness (myopia)

The difference between long and short-sighted is a frequently asked question. Find out more here. 

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4 reasons why it’s worth getting laser eye surgery

Wondering why you should choose laser eye surgery? There are many reasons why this life changing surgery will be the best decision you make.

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Who invented laser eye surgery and what is its history?

If you’re considering laser eye surgery, it’s likely you’ll choose LASIK – the most popular form of refractive surgery, which has improved the sight of

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ReLEx® SMILE® Surgery | All you need to know | OCL Vision

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Laser eye surgery risks: can laser eye surgery go wrong?

Laser eye surgery risks for serious complications are very rare, however, it’s important to stay informed before your treatment

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How to correct short-sightedness

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How to correct long-sightedness

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Why you should consider laser eye surgery at the time of corneal collagen cross linking for keratoconus

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post eye surgery activities

If you have inflammation around the edges of the eyelids or crusting, itching or discomfort, you may suffer from Blepharitis.


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