AA - Macular hole surgery

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AA – Macular hole surgery

Posted: Jan 08 2021

I consulted Mr Chien Wong about a macular hole in my right eye. He advised me that an operation was possible but the probability of success was lower because of my age. His explanation of the procedure and the posturing afterwards was straightforward and clear and he didn’t try to influence my decision.
After consideration I went ahead with a vitrectomy and cataract removal. On the day Mr Wong explained all that would happen, I was given a sedative which allowed me to drift off but still be vaguely aware of what was happening. Injections were given to numb the area and there was no pain at all. I was allowed home a couple of hours later.

I saw Mr Wong for my post-op appointment after 2 weeks and was so delighted to learn that the operation had been successful. The bubble in my eye has now gone, it just shrinks away.
If you’re worried about the operation and the posturing as I was, I can only say it wasn’t anywhere as bad or difficult as I’d feared. I’m now 2 weeks post-op and it’s all over and I’m so glad it.

My heartfelt thanks go to Mr Chien Wong who was always honest with me whilst also so reassuring. His expertise has improved my vision.