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Posted: Oct 02 2017

I was both long and short sighted so it was recommended that I would have verifocal lens replacement. Talking with Ali was very reassuring and apart from the slight nervousness on the day of the surgery, I didn’t have any doubt whatsoever cos Ali just puts you so much at ease. I was gobsmacked that I didn’t have any pain post surgery and Ali had to remind me not to get carried away when he called to check on me the next morning lol. I was able to see distance within 6 hours of surgery and by next morning I could read near stuff really well. I have 20/16 vision now and very very happy that I decided to go through with the surgery. I’d like to thank all of the team but special thanks to Bev, Juliet, Ritu, Purvi and obviously the main man Ali Mearza. You Sir, are a genius! Thank you