Doron B - Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

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Doron B – Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Posted: Apr 28 2015

I was really impressed by the overall product package offered. The pre-surgery service was warm and comforting making me feel more at ease for the procedure. The surgeon and his aids performed the procedure efficiently and upheld the highest level of professionalism. In the follow up appointment with Mr Barsam I was explained in easy to follow step by step instructions of how to maximise the benefit from the surgery. In just one short day I saw significant improvements and could now see better and appreciate things In more detail then I ever could before. I now understand the full depth of HD TV. I also think that Improved sight has also helped other areas. I now find I can concentrate better and improve my all round efficiency cause my sight isn’t holding me back. I would recommend this to anyone contemplating treatment as it is truly life changing.
Thank you so much for giving me the ability to see and enjoy the world around me!