Michael Korn - Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

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Michael Korn – Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Posted: Apr 28 2015

it’s now exactly 24 hour since my LASIK / laser procedure.  It’s amazing that right now I have better vision than I ever had with my contacts in, and I’m in no discomfort.  I’ve not had to take any pain killers.  The only discomfort I experienced was similar to having put my contact lenses in the wrong way round (something I’m glad I’ll never have to experience again).  I slept well and woke up with little-no discomfort.

I’ll never have to worry about contacts / opticians / lost or broken glasses again.  I’m looking forward to swimming without contacts (I’ve previously broken my finger swimming front crawl with my eyes shut into the pool wall), surfing without the fear of losing my lenses in the sea, and being able to buy normal (non-prescription) sunglasses.
Allon and his team were very professional, helpful and friendly.  The laser machine is an amazing bit of kit …. the whole procedure took 15mins !  and I think it’s worth every penny.  I’m already noticing things that otherwise would have been out of my vision.