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PA, Management Consultant, Chester – Cataract surgery with Mplus multifocal implants

Posted: Dec 16 2018

‘ A long time variable focus contact lens wearer I unknowingly developed cataracts. I was conscious of how much more difficult driving and reading in poor light had become. I found I had to use reading glasses and often reverted to variable focus glasses. I have always hated glasses with a passion. When I learned of the need to have cataract treatment I was determined to find a spectacle free solution.
I had a number of consultations with different treatment centres. They mainly encouraged me that I would experience an improvement with variable focus ICL’s. But they warned me it was unrealistic to plan a glasses free future. In some cases they warned me of potential risks and difficulties wearing and even removing ICL’s.
I studied the Surgeons CVs and placed much store on their attitude and process at the consultation. I felt most confident in Romesh and chose him to treat me.
I am delighted to record that my glasses and contact lenses are in the waste-bin while my reading and distance vision in a range of light is excellent. There is some shadowing but I believe my brain will adjust that over time.
The number of individuals that made up the end-to-end team surprised me. It is easy to praise the surgeon but I go further. The care, attitude and skill of everyone in the team was superb and I thank you all.