COVID-19 update: We have re-opened all of our clinics. We have many additional safety and spacing measures in place to ensure we prioritise your health and wellbeing.

COVID-19 update: We have re-opened all of our clinics. We have many additional safety and spacing measures in place to ensure we prioritise your health and wellbeing.

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Read what previous patients have to say about our world-class eye surgeons.



Mr Mearza has now repaired two cataracts for me with superb results each time. He is clearly a talented surgeon and the pre and post operative care he and his team gave me was wonderful. He is also approachable and kindly. You can have absolute confidence in him and his abilities. His are a safe pair of hands.


I was recommended by someone who had had surgery performed by Ali. His partner assured me he was very professional, extremely good looking & did wonderful charity work. From the moment I saw Ali he put my mind at rest & assured me he could improve my eyesight. On the day of my surgery he sensed my anxiety & put me at ease with his gentle manner; I cannot recommend him highly enough.


I opted for PRK, and 5 years down the line am very pleased with the results. Previously I couldn’t do anything without glasses or contacts, which was inconvenient and unhygienic when camping. After a brief operation followed by a few days of recovery, my vision was 20/20 and remains so. I have also saved money in the long run, as I no longer need to buy lenses every month.


I just had both eyes done by Ali using the Z-Lasik procedure last week. Absolutely fantastic procedure with stellar results. The procedure is painless and not intimidating, all over in 10 minutes. A few hours of discomfort post-op while your eyes heal and adjust is a small price to pay for permanent crystal clear vision. I had pronounced astigmatism in one eye and needed a reasonably high level of correction; after the procedure I’m better than 20/20 in each eye. Far superior to my vision with glasses or contacts. Ali is a consummate professional and a lovely bloke. Cannot recommend him highly enough.


Thank you so much for giving me my vision back. I couldn’t have wished for better results. You have a lovely team helping you and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone. I am so happy now. Thanks again.


Just a short note to thank you most sincerely for operating so skilfully on both my eyes. It is wonderful to be able to see properly again. Thank you also for giving me the confidence to go through with it.


Thank you so much for all the care and attention during my operations and later the follow up. Your skill has given me back my sight to read music, books and small print without problems and without the use of glasses.


You operated on my eye in February to remove a cataract. I just want to tell you I am overjoyed with the result and I can’t believe I can see so well. I will now drive my car again soon as before my vision was so bad I had to give up driving after many years independence. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


I have just put the last drop in my eye, and everyday I tell myself how lucky I am to have my vision back. This card is sent with a million thanks and may your hands always be steady.


The surgery itself was pain free, however there was a little pressure which only lasted a couple of seconds. My eyes were quite uncomfortable that day but a huge improvement overnight. Now 3 weeks on they are great, I just wish I’d had it done years ago!Mr Mearza has a very nice manner and is very approachable. He put me at my ease. I have no hesitation in recommending him.