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Read what previous patients have to say about our world-class eye surgeons.

Oliver Kenny

Wish I’d had it done years ago! – 
Like everyone I was nervous about undergoing LASIK treatment but the staff and setup at the clinic put me at ease straight away. From the very first test and throughout the procedure I felt I was in the safest hands. Mr Mearza and his colleagues were very easy to talk to and were more than happy to answer any questions. The next day my vision was better than it was with my glasses or contact lenses and people were amazed I was up and about so soon after. There was some mild discomfort the day of the procedure but the anaesthetic eye drops fix that. My recommendation? Go for consultation and see for yourself.

Dr Emma Hughes

Life changing – 
I’m so impressed with Mr Mearza. Being a doctor, I was quite anxious and researched extensively before I underwent the procedure. Mr Mearza came highly recommended from another medical colleague and I have to say, I trusted him completely. I’m so happy with the results; it has changed my life. Wish I had done it sooner!

Hassan Musto

Quality service – 
I was very nervous about having lens replacement but my eye sight was getting worse and was hindered by wearing glasses especially when playing sport. My experience with Mr Mearza was positive and I really felt that this surgeon was at the top in his field. My surgery went very well and I can now read and see at distance with out glasses. I have personally recommended Mr Mearza to my friends and family.

Maureen Coley

I had RLE performed by Ali Mearza in June 2015. An amazing experience to say the least…having worn spectacles for most of my life…this procedure verged on miraculous! Once the “fog” had cleared my vision was outstanding, crystal clear, buildings took on definition, crisp edges…a totally better vision even than with spectacles! A year on, my vision is brilliant and am so pleased I trusted Ali with my sight. Would wholeheartedly recommend this procedure under his expertise.

Simon Pendock

Mr Ali Mearza is obviously extremely talented and competent in his field, with excellent results as far as I am concerned. I have total trust in him and another thing that makes him special is his manner when dealing with his patients. His very calm demeanour and sense of humour relaxes his patients and gives them confidence. He is kind and understanding, and expert at explaining exactly what is needed, how it is done and what results to expect. He takes an interest in his patients and their needs, he is extremely generous and goes the extra mile to ensure those needs are met. I would recommend him to anyone.

Ana Munich

I had my eye operation last Wednesday and am now recovering very well. The service I received has been really excellent and Mr Mearza’s has been a true professional and his manner and care of me has been second to none.

Scotty Stacks

Faultless! I was made to feel comfortable throughout the whole process from the initial consultation, during the surgery and through the aftercare. The surgery was quick and painless and my eyes have been perfect ever since. Could not recommend Dr Mearza any more highly than I do!

Annie Grigg

I would highly recommend Ali Mearza for any eye surgery. 
A very kind caring person who put me at ease. 100% great service pre & post operation.

Amanda Milne

It has now been two and a half years since my lens replacement surgery.I just can’t believe how wonderful the surgery has been. I have perfect sight and never have any of those issues with grit or dust. Sleeping is comfortable, Swimming is easy and on a recent holiday I also realised how much difference it makes when jetlagged. (My husband had all the old problems while I had none.)
I am 54 now and most of my friends wear glasses at least when reading, Now they have to ask me to read the menu for them in a restaurant when the light isn’t good enough.
I am sure they are growing tired of my enthusiasm but I know that they and my family are all thrilled for me.
So my message to you is quite simply – THANK YOU.