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Best view directory

‘Your favourite view’ was a photography competition we ran to discover entrants’ favourite views in London, and the story behind why they valued these views the most.

Take a look at the excellent entries below!

Entries for Your Favourite view

    • Richard Bond
    • Worbarrow Bay, Dorset is my favourite view because it is one of the very few unspoilt and un-commercialised bays in the South of England. No cars, no ice cream vans.

    • Vigneshwaran Cumareshan
    • This was taken from the top of Greenwich Park, next to the Royal Observatory. I love this view because the skyline embodies LONDON and everything I love about it. Each building has memories I have enjoyed with family...
      Viewing at the top of the Shard with my wife and daughter, dating my wife at the Gherkin, my daughter's first movie at the O2! London has everything for everyone and that's why I love it.

    • DJ KIRBY
    • Salcombe- part of the UK with this beautiful view. Such scenery always makes so happy I want to shout ‘Woo woo!’

    • Mario Castorina
    • This picture was taken in St Margarita in Italy. It was such a beautiful place and looked like it was taken you back to the yester years.

    • Ben Meakin
    • My favourite view has to be of the South West Coast Path, with this particular view near Clovelly in Devon capturing both the beauty and the wildness of the British coastline.

    • Ali Mearza
    • A young couple pictured a few weeks before their wedding at this beautiful venue. It’s the start of a journey - what will the future hold?

    • Allon Barsam
    • London - Running water signifies the flow of life

    • Emma Kiff
    • This is from the top of Tintagel it’s so peaceful and you can see for miles

    • Lisa
    • View from our hotel in Corfu when we got engaged

    • Stuart Le Grice
    • This is the view of Dubrovnik Old Town. I had no idea this would be my first view of it until I walked up to the wall of the viewing platform overlooking it. Fair to say it took my breath away.

    • Sairah Akbar
    • This photo is taken at Niagara Falls. It reminds me of warm weather, good food and most importantly, family reunions!

    • Carly Myles
    • It came as a surprise! I was flying from East Java to Bali when I spotted this stunning view of this volcano appearing through the clouds.

    • Donald Muir
    • This is the small village on the banks of Loch Fyne in the west of Scotland where I spent my childhood days - this is Cairndow. I use this as my screensaver so I can remind myself of my favourite place in the world every day!

    • Kia Watson
    • My local harbour overlooking the English Channel. It’s beautiful on a Summers day, and makes me appreciate my hometown even more!

    • Charlotte Hill
    • The beautiful beach of Cala Galdana, Menorca. A destination I’ve been going to with my family for many years and this year I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend with us too. A destination and view that will always be special to me!

    • Georgia Brason
    • Tanzanian Safari ❤️ We saved up a long time to go on this holiday of a lifetime and saw all the animals we hoped for.

    • Ingrid North
    • the view from our balcony in st Lucia .heaven on earth ,i never in a million years thought id go there ,so i coiuldnt brlieve i was sitting there with this view

    • Nicola Jane Fry
    • River Ribble at Ribchester a peaceful calm tranquil haven located in my village where many peaceful hours are spent watching the worl and the ducks go by.

    • Susan marlborougg
    • Tansmaina love it

    • Tim Graham
    • Top of a mountain in Norway 🙂 so peaceful and quiet, my sister got married on the cruise so means alot

    • Tim Cauwood
    • This is my go-to spot when I need a break from the city. Just an hour from London it's a beautiful place to relax and unwind.

    • Kate Tubby
    • The most special day in Santorini celebrating the marriage of a very close friend

    • Louise Rowe
    • This was taken at Hunstanton
      My Auntie & cousin took me there for the day as I had never been there and Wow, we were b,Essex with fantastic weather, lovely people, scenery, seaside, shops, and we went to the Lavender Fields before making our way to Hunstanton and we found a lovely cafe where this photo was taken overlooking the water, what a end to a truly happy, anxious and panic free day for me so lucky,

    • Hayley
    • This is a view from my sister's apartment in China. It is my favourite as everytime I look at it it reminds me of her, how much I miss her, and how easy it is to fall in love with the country just like she did

    • Shellie Chambers
    • The jodhpur fort in india , beautiful place to be.

    • Hannah Davis
    • I will never grow tired of the New York skyline - been twice & planning my next trip!

    • Jo Edwards
    • A beautiful view of the Causeway linking St. Lucia to Pigeon Island. As St. Lucia has the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, this is where you can see both the Caribbean which is calm and the Atlantic which can be quite rough. This island has so much history having been fought over by the French and English. It is also beautiful to look at and calming

    • Ryan Winfield
    • Because it encompasses everything that is brilliant, breathtaking and wonderful about the Big Apple. New York was always my dream place to go, so to take this picture meant the world to me

    • Jess Higham
    • The Bean in Chicago - the reflection is the perfect view of the city.

    • Ruth chaite
    • I love London, this is so iconic it is London all over.

    • Catherine Falls
    • This is a view overlooking County Donegal, Ireland. A place where our entire family meets year after year to spend a week of fun.

    • Mark chambers
    • This view means the world to me, it' a place I could rarely be. I worked far away for Queen and country, with an aching heart for my home county. Seven long years to come home and see, the sun the sand the crashing sea. And now back here I will never leave, Northumberland is in my soul it is the air I breath.

    • Jessica Jacob
    • The Mexico City skyline. It was my first time in South America, I was travelling alone and just reminds me how kind strangers can be. Also, it made me realise how much I missed my partner and now we are getting married.

    • John Eccleston
    • Pico do arierio Madeira this makes me feel like I’m on top on the earth above the clouds and the views are amazing. The air is fresh and clam.

    • Emma
    • This was actually taken at The View from The Shard when it first opened. I've lived in London my entire life and beyond it being one of the top cities of the world, It's also my home. I'd love to go back to The Shard!

    • Ben Coldridge
    • This is were I live this is home

    • Nicola Sadler
    • This photo was taken in Bath. I used to go to school here - spent many years in the city. It holds many, wonderful happy memories of years' gone by.

    • alicia piles
    • Beautiful scenery and reminds of a wonderful holiday on the Norfolk Broads.

    • neha gandesha
    • This was the view from our room at the Shangri La Boracay. I will never forget this moment on our perfect honeymoon 3 years ago! I would love to take my huband to the Shard for our 4th Anniversary on 29th August.

    • Simona
    • This is the Castle we got married and my husband live in this town for long time. We have great memories here.

    • Michelle Koretz
    • The shard at sunrise. It really catches the light

    • Eva Iacovou
    • My favourite view is the Mediterranean sea from a beach in Cyprus because it makes me feel like home wherever I am in the world.