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Laser eye surgery – A Christmas gift for the person who has everything!

Posted: Dec 16 2016

Shop catalogues are full of gifts for the person who has everything…but if you had everything, would you really want a herb pot? A biro with a built-in torch? A pocket watch you’d never really use? Probably not. Anyway, where would you put it?

For some people, “having everything” includes having poor eyesight, glasses, contact lenses, cases for glasses and contact lenses, little squares of cloth for wiping glasses, bottles of solution for cleaning contact lenses… Again, not the sort of “everything” you want.

But what about giving someone you love the gift of laser eye surgery? Give them the chance to get rid of the glasses, contact lenses and everything that goes with them. Give them the chance instead to play squash, go rock climbing or try rally driving (!) without the inconvenience of glasses; give them a confident, specs-free face to show the world.

Laser eye surgery is a fantastic gift for anyone who needs glasses or contact lenses in daily life. Nearly all types of prescription can be corrected with the LASIK procedure – just bring your loved one for a consultation so we can decide on the best way to proceed.


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