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Who invented laser eye surgery and what is its history?

If you’re considering laser eye surgery, it’s likely you’ll choose LASIK – the most popular form of refractive surgery, which has improved the sight of ...

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ReLEx® SMILE® Surgery | All you need to know | OCL Vision


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Laser eye surgery risks: can laser eye surgery go wrong?

Laser eye surgery risks for serious complications are very rare, however, it’s important to stay informed before your treatment ...

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Why you should have a DMEK corneal transplant if you have Fuchs’ Dystrophy

Fuchs’s dystrophy is a disease of the corneal endothelial cells which leads to premature cell loss. ...

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High eye pressure & Glaucoma

Eye pressure or intraocular pressure depends on the force the aqueous humor fluid in the eye exerts inside the front of the eye. A high ...

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Is there a natural cure for myopia?

Short-sightedness is a pain to live with. If you have any degree of myopia you’ll know the inconvenience of having to put your glasses on ...

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How to stop glasses steaming up with a mask

Coming in from the cold on a winter’s day should feel great. But if you wear glasses, it’s more likely to cause annoyance as your ...

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6 ways to protect your eyes and keep them healthy while working from home during the Coronavirus (COVID 19) lockdown


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Eye Exercises for Myopia

If you’re short-sighted, can eye exercises help? In this article, we’ll take a look at some different types of exercises for your eyes, and explain ...

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post eye surgery activities

If you have inflammation around the edges of the eyelids or crusting, itching or discomfort, you may suffer from Blepharitis.


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