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Samantha Bond has life changing Cataract Surgery

Posted: Jul 26 2016

Read how Mr Ali Mearza saved the sight of Samantha Bond by performing her recent cataract surgery.

(aka Miss Money Penny from the Bond movies and Lady Rosamund from Downtown Abbey)

Samantha Bond first came to see Ali when she noticed her vision had considerably reduced and became cloudy despite wearing her glasses.

She had initially intended to have laser eye surgery but on examination it was found that she had cataracts in both eyes which meant laser eye surgery was not going to be an option in her case.

Ali discussed the option of removing the cataracts and replacing the clouded lenses in her eyes with new lenses. The lens type was discussed in detail as Samantha had very specific requirements in relation to the work that she does. She wanted to be as spectacle free as possible and ideally wanted good distance, intermediate and near vision (didn’t ask for much!).

She chose to have cataract surgery with the tri-focal multifocal lens implant which essentially has three focal points allowing patients to see distance, near as well as the intermediate range of vision. After the surgery she described her experience as life changing and she now no longer needs glasses to read her scripts and can recognise people in the distance too, which she was struggling with beforehand.

Mr Mearza regularly performs cataract surgery under local anaesthetic eye drops and both eyes can be done on the same day in certain cases.

Given the demands of life and our reliance on technology, smart phones and the like, more people are opting for cataract or lens surgery with multi focal lens implants as in Samantha Bond’s case. The procedure can give you many years of life without glasses as the replacement lenses are designed to last forever. Although it is difficult to replicate the focusing power of the natural lens in one’s twenties, we can come close with the latest in multifocal lens design.

Read the full article in The Telegraph about how the surgery, just a 10 minute procedure saved her sight and has given her a new lease of life.


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