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Bob Bannister

From my initial assessment appointment through to checking in for and the actual surgery for cataracts, I have nothing but the highest praise for all the staff who were kind, patient and had a sense of humour, who took me through all the procedures answering all my queries and the surgeon who was extremely professional. Now 3 weeks after the procedures I could not be happier with the results.

Mike Gellion

Friendly consultation with very thorough testing and all procedures clearly explained, no “hard-sell”. My LASIK surgery on both eyes was quickly and expertly done, and I felt I was in safe hands at all times. After-care and follow-up checks were of the highest standard, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Alison Farrant

From start to finish, I have nothing but praise for Ali Mearza and his team. From the office staff to the opthalmologists, the hospital staff and Mr Mearza himself, everything ran smoothly with very little waiting around. Everyone I encountered was friendly, helpful and reassuring and no question was left unanswered. I can now see at all distances without glasses, what a transformation, thank you Vision Correction!

Dawood Pathan

I’d like to say a big thank you to Dr Ali Mearza and the Vision Correction team for first class customer service. The whole process was smooth and efficient, from my initial consultation, through to my surgery and aftercare. The operation was super quick – only 10 – 15 minutes – and I could pretty much see a massive difference in my eyesight straight after! I felt safe and confident throughout the whole experience thanks to Dr Ali and the team. Communication was well kept by all members of Vision Correction London – from arranging dates and payment to during the actual surgery. If you’re considering laser eye surgery, this is the place to go.

Margaret Maun

A very professional and even enjoyable, experience. The members of the team were all very friendly and made the whole thing run very smoothly. From the initial consultation through the actual surgery and the follow up appointments, I had no trouble or misgivings at any time. Thank you for making my long vision better than it had ever been! I would certainly recommend them to anyone!

Nevine Hunt

From my initial enquiry to post op, I couldn’t be more happy. Mr Ali Mearza and his team were fantastic in every way. The op went very smoothly and super successful. I am so pleased I took the decision to have RLE, it has changed my life!


I was both long and short sighted so it was recommended that I would have verifocal lens replacement. Talking with Ali was very reassuring and apart from the slight nervousness on the day of the surgery, I didn’t have any doubt whatsoever cos Ali just puts you so much at ease. I was gobsmacked that I didn’t have any pain post surgery and Ali had to remind me not to get carried away when he called to check on me the next morning lol. I was able to see distance within 6 hours of surgery and by next morning I could read near stuff really well. I have 20/16 vision now and very very happy that I decided to go through with the surgery. I’d like to thank all of the team but special thanks to Bev, Juliet, Ritu, Purvi and obviously the main man Ali Mearza. You Sir, are a genius! Thank you


Very impressed with everything from consultation to the operation and after operation appointment. Excellent.


Mr Mearza is a true professional – I felt completely at ease and I knew I was in excellent hands. He is empathic and an excellent surgeon. Once I returned to be seen after the operation I actually cried at being told that my sight was now 20/20. No regrets at all!


Found the experience ‘life changing’. All staff friendly & professional & now able to follow my career. Mr Mearza made me feel in ‘ safe hands’- he was even able to convice my mum (a nurse of 38yrs) that all would be fine- no mean feat!


I had LASIK eye surgery under the care of Dr Ali Mearza. I had a fantastic treatment and recovery. I am so pleased with the outcome. It is such a lovely feeling that I do not need my eye glasses anymore.Thank you to Mr Mearza and his team specially Provy for the kind and fabulous care .


I’m thrilled with my new vision and now see the world with clarity. I had cataracts replaced in both eyes by Mr. Mearza. He is a brilliant surgeon with a great team. I was surprised by how painless and pain-free he made the procedures. He was extremely patient explaining all the options to me and so impressively accessible before and after the surgery; he made it all so easy. He was highly recommended to me by a fellow surgeon and I in turn am more than happy to recommend Mr. Mearza to anybody seeking eye surgery. He is the best.


Ali was patient given I was very nervous, took time to explain all aspects, very approachable would definitely recommend to all. Thank you it is so nice not to have to wear glasses

S Jani

Simply the best… I had considered Laser Eye Surgery for well over 15 years and had spoken to all of the high street providers…but it was not until I spoke with Mr Mearza that I felt I was in the best hands and I have no regrets! The clinic and aftercare is simply the best. If your considering Laser Surgery then speak to Mr Mearza!


So glad I did it! It is now 2 months since I had my RLE procedure. My reading/close vision is excellent with no need for glasses even for threading a needle. I was warned that my distance vision might not be as good as before, but that is also very good. All the contact I had with the clinic was first rate. I was slightly anxious on the actual day of surgery, but everyone I came into contact with was so reassuring and explained every step of the procedure which was entirely painless.


I cannot recommend Ali Mearza and his brilliant team highly enough. I have just had lens exchange surgery and I am delighted with the results. If you are planning eye surgery then go to the best (though not the most expensive !!) Every member of the team puts you at your ease and explains everything every step of the way. Their dedication and attention to detail is awesome


The staff were so kind, thoughtful & professional towards my son Joshua. Mr Mearza not only put my son at ease but gave me confidence in his ability & the eventual outcome oh the surgery as my son is only 21yrs if age. For Joshua it has been life changing, not just in his persuit of his beloved sport but also in now being able to pass the eye sight test to join the police force!


After carrying out vast amount of research on lasik procedure as well as the struggle of finding the best person on the market, I stumbled across Mr Ali Almearza. Following my consultation I knew he was the right person. Had the procedure done recently and it was the best thing that I have ever done ‘a true miracle and life changing’ what surprised me the most is how quick and pain free the procedure was. I would like to thank mr Almearza and the rest of the team for giving me the gift of sight and for your wonderful hospitality


Brilliant Laser Eye Surgeon
My son who is 18 has just had laser eye surgery with Ali and Ali was brilliant. From the moment we went to see him, he put us both at our ease and was extremely professional and efficient. We immediately trusted him to do a good job and were not let down. My son can now see perfectly after the 10 min op and is extremely happy. I would not hesitate to recommend Ali Mearza to anyone


The whole experience was seamless. Everything from the pre tests through to the actual procedure was managed professionally. I was fully informed from the beginning and the results of the surgery were transformative. I would recommend him and his team and endorse that they are truly a 5+ star experience. He is also a lovely person with a good sense of humour. No need for nervousness or apprehension. He is clearly at the top of his profession.


Professional treatment and care throughout – from 1st consultation to the operation itself and the aftercare. It’s only been a few weeks since the op but all is looking and feeling great. Thank you to Ali and the team!


A short note to thank you for dealing so well and efficiently with my eyes. Following the recent laser correction I am very pleased with the results. I would also like to thank your team who have all been very kind and efficient.


Lens Replacement
Overall this was a great service provided by all. I would highly recommend the procedure I no longer wear glasses which to me has been great. I will be looking forward to snorkeling in Antigua and for the first time for many years be able to see all the marine life.


You are in the best hands
I asked for a recommendation from a friends dad who was a very well regarded eye surgeon and Ali was the person he said he would get to do his eyes should he ever need. That was all I needed. The psychological aspect is the worst. When you can get your head round that then it ends up literally 10 minutes of discomfort for what will hopefully be 10 years of vision. Ali was completely professional- his relaxed nature puts you at ease and his wonderful and informed staff cannot go far enough to make you feel relaxed and in good hands. While some may wish to go for the cheaper options on the market- for me, my eyesight was not worth the risk. The aftercare was invaluable as the surgery to ensure any questions or concerns I had, were never a problem. I cannot recommend Ali and his team enough. If you are considering this, you will not regret using his expertise. Bring on the summer 🕶!!

L Weale

Therapeutic laser surgery
I went to Mr Mearza’s clinic for therapeutic laser surgery for recurrent corneal erosion syndrome. I have been in and out of A&E for 15 months with really painful episodes. Mr Mearza recommend laser surgery to smooth my cornea (I guess it removes the scar tissue that hasn’t healed properly) and allow it to grow back properly. Six weeks later I haven’t had an episode – which is the longest I’ve gone since September 2015. So fingers crossed. Mr Mearza and his team are knowledgeable and considerate. I’m very glad I went to them.


It has been two plus years since Ali did a trifocal lens replacement on both my eyes.I was recommend to see Ali by Dr Veronica Ferguson an Ophthalmic Surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Surgeon Oculist to Her Majesty’s Household 2002- present. With that recommendation I feel there was nobody ease that I would go and see and let work on my eyes.
I would strongly recommend Ali to carry out the same lens replacement I have had, I have no need to wear glasses and can see 100% better then before.
As a person that spends a lot of time on a laptop I can say that that isn’t an issue.
He is a calm caring man that has a relaxing way of putting you at ease.
I would strongly recommend Ali to everybody.


Excellent LASIK and LASEK experience, would highly recommend.
Dr Mearza came recommended from my opthalmologist for my laser vision correction surgery. He and his staff were great from start to finish and within one month of contacting him for my initial consultation I have better than 20/20 in both eyes. I had LASEK on one and LASIK on the other. LASIK is a dream, you can see perfectly without any pain within a few hours of the surgery. LASEK was a bit more recovery time (3 days for pain to subside fully, and vision about a week to catch up) but manageable. The surgery only takes 2 mins per eye and Dr Mearza is very reassuring throughout. Great experience, would recommend him to everyone who wants to ditch their contacts and/or glasses.

Mr P Hill

I should have had the procedure done years ago.
An eye opening experience with exceptional service and care.


Excellent results.
I shall be 70 in three weeks and my eyesight is as good as it ever was after Refractive Lens Exchange surgery. I would unreservedly recommend Mr Mearza.


What an expert he is.
one surgeon turned me down for laser. I was -9.650,approx in other. very short sited. done yesterday could see straight away the clock time and a chart,told it will get even better vision, there was no pain, just pressure from machine for 20 seconds approx. each eye ,even that is reassuring as they count out loud, so 20 secs goes fast, no pain afterwards ,a bit of sting for a little bit that’s it. worth the money so far so good ,lovely surgeon ,lovely staff ,could of gone to Manchester ,but so glad I didn’t . worth it 100 per cent.


If Apple did cataract operations, then they would do them like Mr Ali Mearza does cataract operations. He is knowledgeable and well organised. Everything went according to plan, the operation, recovery and aftercare. Many thanks for improving my eye sight.


Brilliant. Ali is the best. Had a great experience with Ali. Was super quick and easy and he made me feel super reassured.


The procedure, Staff and Consultant exceeded my expectations.
To say I was nervous, was an understatement. I had been waiting for many years to attempt the procedure. Mr Mearza was very reassuring, and together with his team, were patient throughout my many questions and the procedure itself. I’m glad I researched and chose a quality surgeon and company. My only regret is not having the procedure sooner. It is very freeing being able to see without relying on glasses and contacts.


Exceptionally Professional…indeed.
I knew I made the right choice when I walked in for my consultation. Being seen by a team of Specialists in a calm and welcoming environment made my experience an enjoyable one as every aspect of my journey was well managed. I would recommend Mr Ali Mearza to anyone who needs Eye Surgery. Truly exceptional and Professional.


Professional, knowledgable, no nonsense service
Ali has a great bed side manner, is able to answer all queries and cares for his patients. He returned my call on a Saturday to discuss a minor question I had.


Miracle Man
Ali Mearza did a really tricky operation on my eye perfectly, and with no fuss. He is clever, but completely unpretentious and a very nice man!


A miracle of modern day medicine
Before surgery I struggled to thread a needle when I was wearing glasses – now, no glasses it is easy. It is wonderful being free of constantly having glasses on the top of my head as I could not be without them. Freedom – just perfect.


I have just had refractive lens exchange in both eyes and still wake up every day amazed at how far and clearly I can now see. Every part of the experience was carried out in a totally professional way but also with kindness and consideration.


Life changing results.
I had lens replacement surgery three weeks ago now with life changing results. The surgery itself was quick and pain free. I was reassured throughout the whole procedure by Ali Mearza and his wonderful team. My follow up appointment a week later revealed my vision as 16/20 which apparently is better than 20/20. No more glasses or contact lenses again for me, that’s just truly amazing so a BIG thank you to Mr Ali Mearza and his wonderful team for giving me back my perfect vision.

Alistair Mackie

Small action – big difference
From start to finish Ali and his team were excellent. All aspects of the procedure were clearly explained and any questions I had were addressed without delay. They made me feel totally confident and relaxed about the operation and before I knew it – it was done. I had 20/20 vision within twenty minutes of leaving theatre and the recovery process was quick and straightforward.

I recently went on holiday and as able to see crystal clearly while out snorkelling for the first time in my life (I’m 38) – all in all a mind blowing experience.


Your kindness and understanding has really left its mark on us – unfortunately we have had to see a few surgeons for various things over our lives and whilst all have been wonderful none have displayed the warmth and professionalism of the standard you gave us yesterday. Your patients are all very lucky to have you and we will be recommending you to others without hesitation.

Lara Lambert

A true life changer. The entire experience was incredible and I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. Mr. Mearza was lovely throughout the entire process as well as his team.
Many thanks for everything!

Oliver Kenny

Wish I’d had it done years ago! – 
Like everyone I was nervous about undergoing LASIK treatment but the staff and setup at the clinic put me at ease straight away. From the very first test and throughout the procedure I felt I was in the safest hands. Mr Mearza and his colleagues were very easy to talk to and were more than happy to answer any questions. The next day my vision was better than it was with my glasses or contact lenses and people were amazed I was up and about so soon after. There was some mild discomfort the day of the procedure but the anaesthetic eye drops fix that. My recommendation? Go for consultation and see for yourself.

Dr Emma Hughes

Life changing – 
I’m so impressed with Mr Mearza. Being a doctor, I was quite anxious and researched extensively before I underwent the procedure. Mr Mearza came highly recommended from another medical colleague and I have to say, I trusted him completely. I’m so happy with the results; it has changed my life. Wish I had done it sooner!

Hassan Musto

Quality service – 
I was very nervous about having lens replacement but my eye sight was getting worse and was hindered by wearing glasses especially when playing sport. My experience with Mr Mearza was positive and I really felt that this surgeon was at the top in his field. My surgery went very well and I can now read and see at distance with out glasses. I have personally recommended Mr Mearza to my friends and family.

Maureen Coley

I had RLE performed by Ali Mearza in June 2015. An amazing experience to say the least…having worn spectacles for most of my life…this procedure verged on miraculous! Once the “fog” had cleared my vision was outstanding, crystal clear, buildings took on definition, crisp edges…a totally better vision even than with spectacles! A year on, my vision is brilliant and am so pleased I trusted Ali with my sight. Would wholeheartedly recommend this procedure under his expertise.

Simon Pendock

Mr Ali Mearza is obviously extremely talented and competent in his field, with excellent results as far as I am concerned. I have total trust in him and another thing that makes him special is his manner when dealing with his patients. His very calm demeanour and sense of humour relaxes his patients and gives them confidence. He is kind and understanding, and expert at explaining exactly what is needed, how it is done and what results to expect. He takes an interest in his patients and their needs, he is extremely generous and goes the extra mile to ensure those needs are met. I would recommend him to anyone.

Ana Munich

I had my eye operation last Wednesday and am now recovering very well. The service I received has been really excellent and Mr Mearza’s has been a true professional and his manner and care of me has been second to none.

Scotty Stacks

Faultless! I was made to feel comfortable throughout the whole process from the initial consultation, during the surgery and through the aftercare. The surgery was quick and painless and my eyes have been perfect ever since. Could not recommend Dr Mearza any more highly than I do!

Annie Grigg

I would highly recommend Ali Mearza for any eye surgery. 
A very kind caring person who put me at ease. 100% great service pre & post operation.

Amanda Milne

It has now been two and a half years since my lens replacement surgery.I just can’t believe how wonderful the surgery has been. I have perfect sight and never have any of those issues with grit or dust. Sleeping is comfortable, Swimming is easy and on a recent holiday I also realised how much difference it makes when jetlagged. (My husband had all the old problems while I had none.)
I am 54 now and most of my friends wear glasses at least when reading, Now they have to ask me to read the menu for them in a restaurant when the light isn’t good enough.
I am sure they are growing tired of my enthusiasm but I know that they and my family are all thrilled for me.
So my message to you is quite simply – THANK YOU.

Catherine Telscher

Magic! For years I was fumbling with glasses and now I’m able to read the small print and am delighted with the result. The procedure was painless, quick and effective. It’s only ten days since I had it done and I’m absolutely delighted with the result.

Emily Kilbey

5* all the way!
I honestly have to say the service I received was fantastic from start to finish. I was quite nervous, but everything was so well done & Mr Mearza put me completely at ease throughout the whole process. This is one of the best best decisions I have ever made.

Denis Taylor

Excellent results following lens replacement surgery and virtually no pain.
Mr Mearza made me feel very comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure and in post operative meetings. A very very friendly guy who I would totally recommend.


I give Mr Mearza 100% and 5* review.I cannot recommend the whole process (from initial contact, the procedure itself, to the after care) more highly and will be referring other patients in due course.

E Waterson

I had the lenses replaced in both my eyes, two weeks apart. Ali Mearza’s team were very accommodating and utterly professional. The procedures took place on a Friday, and Ali phoned on Saturday to make sure I was comfortable and to answer any questions I might have. Very, very highly recommended.

Mike Low

My problem was a rare condition of both Keratoconus and Fuchs endothelial dystrophy in both eyes.
A colleague in the medical field was sure there must be a solution, nevertheless after years of hiding the condition with ever increasing print size I took early retirement. I was then introduced to a young and charming eye surgeon Ali Mearza who like me was ex Imperial College. When we met he was honest and very encouraging.

Ali was offering a new approach where instead of full thickness corneal removal and numerous stitches, a small incision is made and the degraded cornea is removed from the inside leaving just the outer layer. The donated cornea is inserted and held in place by a gas bubble.

Needless to say I was concerned at rejection and the quality of resultant vision. However anything was better than the original prognosis and Ali supported his confidence with case studies and research.

The first eye was treated two years ago being the worst I had little to lose, and within weeks clear vision occurred revealing the true colour of the world for the first time in a decade. Within 6 months all I required was lens correction for reading. Over the intervening period the second eye deteriorated so badly it was affecting the overall vision. Given the first successful operation it was an easy decision to have the second eye treated and again the confidence of this brilliant surgeon made the whole decision process easy.



Mr Mearza has now repaired two cataracts for me with superb results each time. He is clearly a talented surgeon and the pre and post operative care he and his team gave me was wonderful. He is also approachable and kindly. You can have absolute confidence in him and his abilities. His are a safe pair of hands.


Thank you so much for giving me my vision back. I couldn’t have wished for better results. You have a lovely team helping you and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone. I am so happy now. Thanks again.


Just a short note to thank you most sincerely for operating so skilfully on both my eyes. It is wonderful to be able to see properly again. Thank you also for giving me the confidence to go through with it.


Thank you so much for all the care and attention during my operations and later the follow up. Your skill has given me back my sight to read music, books and small print without problems and without the use of glasses.


I have just put the last drop in my eye, and everyday I tell myself how lucky I am to have my vision back. This card is sent with a million thanks and may your hands always be steady.


The surgery itself was pain free, however there was a little pressure which only lasted a couple of seconds. My eyes were quite uncomfortable that day but a huge improvement overnight. Now 3 weeks on they are great, I just wish I’d had it done years ago!Mr Mearza has a very nice manner and is very approachable. He put me at my ease. I have no hesitation in recommending him.


Mr. Mearza was amazing before, during and after the operation. He talked through the procedure, answered the silliest of questions and generally made me really sure of the massive decision I was making with going ahead with the op.On the day of surgery he was attentive and spoke through the procedure once again, reassuring me things would be fine and over before I knew it. The nurse was also absolutely lovely and we had a little chat and giggle before going into the surgery whilst she was talking me very clearly through all the drops for after the surgery.
I love the fact I don’t have to wear contacts or glasses and can see better than I have ever been able to. I would recommend this procedure to anyone.
Thanks so much for a much clearer 2009 and rest of my life!!!


I have been deeply impressed by the high quality of the whole experience: The surgeon Mr Ali Mearza was simply fantastic and so were the nurses and the rest of the staff. I have felt very well looked after and completely confident of being in very good hands. I have today excellent sight, more than 20/20, better than average, and I am still amazed as it feels like a miracle really… thanks to everyone there!
It has been 7 months now and I have been back for several follow up consultations. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes and I can now read the VERY bottom line of an eye chart – we hee!


Absolutely excellent customer service, they achieved the perfect balance of professionalism and friendliness. There was absolutely no “hard sell” of the treatment, and all the risks were very well explained before I decided to go ahead.
The facility in Wimpole Street, London (just next to Harley Street) is very modern, clean and seemed well equipped. They even provide you with your surgeons mobile phone number which you can call at any time if you have problems or worries following the treatment.