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Adam Blake – Bilateral Z-Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

I recently had Bilateral Z-Lasik and it was everything I hoped for and more! I had 20/20 vision the day after surgery and wish I had done it years ago.  I was a bit nervous before my first appointment but Allon and the rest of his team set me at ease from day 1.  They answered all my questions and explained everything very clearly and the procedure went like clockwork.  At all times Allon and his entire team act in a friendly and extremely professional manner.  The service you receive from the entire team is first class. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

Mr T (Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon) – Lasik Treatment

I am very happy with the outcome of my LASIK treatment with Allon. I was confident in his level of training and expertise, and would highly recommend him to others.

Mr T – Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Kimberly Tagle – Refractive Surgery

As a junior doctor and aspiring ophthalmologist myself, I only trust Mr Barsam for my refractive surgery and I’m so pleased with the result! Finally free from glasses and contact lenses, I feel like I have new life. Thank you Mr Barsam and the whole team!

Suvarna Nair – Z-Lasik Treatment

What a brilliant start to my 2016, NO MORE GLASSES!!!! Thanks a lot to Mr Allon Barsam and his excellent team. I never thought this day would come after having number of laser appointments in the high street resulting in surgeons saying they couldn’t correct my vision. I have been wearing glasses since the age of 2, have been wearing them first thing in the morning and taking them off just before bed for as long as I can remember. My eyes were not even suitable for contact lenses. I had the Z-Lasik treatment yesterday and today my vision is perfect. I cant believe it and I am still very impressed with how much I can see without glasses! If you want a world class surgeon to treat your eyes, who is an expert and is passionate about what he does then look no further. I highly recommend Mr Barsam.

YAG Laser Treatment followed by a Refractive Lens Exchange

The excellent Mr. Barsam carried out the YAG procedure this morning and of course I found the experience easy and, without a doubt, successful. Please do thank him again for me. Clearly the age of miracles has not passed!

Isabell Green – Refractive Lens Exchange

If you are considering having treatment for cataracts then don’t delay – book a consultation with Allon Barsam. He is so knowledgeable and gives well explained recommendations for appropriate treatment. You will leave him wondering why you didn’t do it earlier. The procedure is quick and the team take care of you very well. Only when the eyes settle down and you  have the clarity of vision that you enjoyed in your youth, do you realise what you have been missing! Joanne is very patient when you phone her and so reassuring too! All in all you will find the whole experience life enhancing.

Michelle Warren – Bilateral Refractive Lens Exchange with Toric Astigmatism Correcting Intraocular Lenses and Intraocular Lens Blended Vision

Fantastic! Had lens replacement surgery in May it’s been life changing ! Would recommend it to anyone contemplating it, Allon and his team are amazing very caring.

Saul Benjamin – Laser Eye Surgery

I saw Allon after having worn glasses for as long as I can remember. I now have perfect vision!! Throughout the whole procedure I was made to feel reassured and comfortable. I highly recommend Allon!

Jessica Sharpe – Laser Eye Surgery

It’s day five following my Lasik procedure and I am totally overwhelmed by the clear new world in which I live. I cannot recommend Dr Barsam and his team highly enough and words could do no justice in describing how positive an experience this has been for me. From the first contact to the after care process, Allon and his team just ‘get it ‘. The little, extra touches make you feel comfortable, less anxious and confident that you are in good hands…the warmth of the staff, their smiles and humour, the biscuits and the coffee choices – It all combines to take the fear out of the process and make it somehow feel homely. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart….Jessica (now in HD)

Amy Warren – Laser Eye Surgery

Waking up in HD!

I couldn’t recommend Allon and his team more highly to anyone considering laser eye surgery. With their professional yet personal approach and thorough screening, each team member guides you through the process, inspiring both confidence and reassurance. Their highly accurate results speak for themselves. I could not be happier with mine – seeing clearer than I ever did with lenses/glasses. A huge thank you to Allon and his team!

Hannah Matta – Laser Eye Surgery

Allon thank you so much for this gift! I knew I was in safe hands from day one, Allon takes time to explain things honestly and in simple terms which I appreciate


Sarah Samuels – Laser Eye Surgery

What can I say!!?? Had my eyes lasered yesterday with Mr  Barsam & today I have 20/20 vision!! I would highly recommend him! So happy now to be glasses free! He is a true superstar at what he does!

Maya Levy – Laser Eye Surgery

Had my eyes lasered a few days ago and can see everything perfectly! Such a lovely experience with Dr Barsam and his team, he truly is 5 stars!!!!

Elie Jesner – Laser Eye Surgery

Woke up this morning to see a beautiful clear morning, without the help of glasses or lenses. feeling very grateful to Allon Barsam and his wonderful team, adds a whole new level of meaning! At some point i’ll explore the philosophical implications of all the laser technology being ultimately dependent upon my consciousness based judgment of which lens was clearer, but for now i’m just enjoying the novelty of being among the seeing.

Emoke Gego – ICL Surgery

Mr. Barsam , Thank You so much for giving me back my sight. It really is better than it has ever been in my entire life !
I still cant believe I CAN see without my contacts .

Thank You for taking great care of my eyes during my ICL surgery. You and your team are both caring and professional! I cannot thank You enough and would recommend You to anyone having eye surgery. 

Derek – Corneal Transplant Surgery

My trust in Allon Barsam exceeded expectations. My own personal experience of Allon Barsam is of his outstanding clinical skills in cornea transplants: he has operated surgically on both my eyes with great success. However I also know that his considerable experience, skilled approach and patient care extends to his extensive laser surgery work on eye correction and vision improvement and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his team to those considering taking what is a very important step. Our sight is one of our most valuable assets and deserves care of the highest standard which Allon Barsam provides.

Janice – Laser Eye Surgery

Lazermazing. A totally easy and relatively pain free experience with a great before and after care…There is little if no pain during the procedure but it is a little uncomfortable for a couple of days afterwards. It does take a while to adapt to the vision of the LASIK blending which as Allon did say takes a while to settle down and once your brain and eyes communicate it’s all onwards and upwards. I love not having to wear glasses now for close up and computer work but do still experience a little blurring indoors with artificial lighting. ON the whole a very positive experience and would highly recommend and have suggested it to others. A Happy Patient

Reginald Davis MBE – Cataracts

I am absolutely delighted with the results of my procedure. I can see perfectly well, everything is clear, colourful and sharp. I was treated with due care and given full attention.

Christine – Laser Eye Surgery

First class all the way. I had wanted to have my eyes lasered for several years but was hesitant as I had read of so many bad experiences. Fortuitously I heard about a brilliant eye surgeon who subsequently operated on my son-in-law and my husband. This was the man I would trust with my eyes – his name? Allon Barsam. The consultation was very extensive with numerous eye scans and tests and an informative discussion on the procedure best suited to me. There was no hard sell and I could decide when or if I wanted the surgery, which, of course, I did. The procedure was painless and follow up appointments included further scans and tests. I had 20/20 vision the day following surgery and +20/20 the following week with continued improvement. I would not hesitate to recommend Allon to anyone thinking about eye surgery – a brilliant surgeon and a lovely man.

Sureena – Laser Eye Surgery

Outstanding service Fantastic service from Mr. Barsam and his team. My father, brother and I all had laser surgery and were impressed by the impeccable care we were given. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone considering laser eye corrective surgery. Thanks again Mr. Barsam and team

Sarah – Laser Eye Surgery

Top quality treatment. I had really excellent treatment from Allon Barsam, and would have no hesitation in recommending him. Entrusting your sight to someone is a daunting experience, but he explained the process every step of the way, and was always friendly and approachable, so I knew what to expect and was able to make an informed decision on treatment. He was very reassuring and I felt I was in very safe hands throughout. I am delighted with the results of my treatment – it is wonderful to be free of glasses and contact lenses and take good eye sight for granted again!

Natalie – Laser Eye Surgery

I had problems with my eyes three years ago and was referred to Allon Barsam. He took me through a course of treatment over 4 months and I can say he was fantastic. He was consultative, friendly and put me at ease. I then went on to have laser eye surgery with Allon and can safely say he is the best surgeon I have ever met. He explained the process, was very thorough and my sight is great three years on! I have recommended a further two people who have also had the surgery with fantastic results. If you want fantastic results with a surgeon who truly cares for your needs then I would highly recommend visiting him.

Anna Davies – Bilateral Advanced Z-LASIK for Myopia with Astigmatism

Dear Allon, I hope you are well.  My eyesight is still great and we are still singing your praises wherever we can.  Recently Anna had a day when she did ophthalmology.  Her professor asked the group if anyone had had eyesight correction.  Several students said they had including Anna. When the tutor heard that you had operated on Anna he made everyone look in Anna’s eyes as this would be the best they would ever see and, in particular, you would leave no scarring.  Apparently he was most impressed with your work on her and Anna has several friends saving up to see you!!

Anna Davies – Bilateral Advanced Z-LASIK for Myopia with Astigmatism

Dear Allon, I hope you are well.  My eyesight is still great and we are still singing your praises wherever we can.  Recently Anna had a day when she did ophthalmology.  Her professor asked the group if anyone had had eyesight correction.  Several students said they had including Anna. When the tutor heard that you had operated on Anna he made everyone look in Anna’s eyes as this would be the best they would ever see and, in particular, you would leave no scarring.  Apparently he was most impressed with your work on her and Anna has several friends saving up to see you!!

Spencer Laymond – Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

My 40th birthday present to myself was to purchase Mr Allon Barsam’s Lasik laser eye surgery services. If I had known how amazing the transformation from being -5 and -5.75 to 20:20 would be,without doubt this would have been my 30th birthday present. Whenever you receive a personal service, especially healthcare, the choice of provider is paramount. At the time of writing this testimonial, I am around 6 months following surgery, and can say that Mr Allon Barsam and his team provided a perfect service and outcome.

Gilbert Avornyo – Advanced Pterygium (Corneal) Surgery

I’m so grateful to you for restoring my sight back to me and it has been my fervent prayer that, God Almighty will elevate you in your chosen profession.Therefore, I am not surprised that the government is taking notice of you because you are such a brilliant eye surgeon. I have also recommended you to one of my auntie who lives in Togo, a border to Ghana. Hoping to hear from you again soon and wishing you all the very best.

Gill Lennox – Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Blended Vision

Allon’s approach to treatment is completely customer focused. From the first to last moment his team works harmoniously to keep the patient fully informed and at ease. Allon addresses questions head on in a factual and clear way and has a very reassuring approach which generates complete trust.  The treatment was pain free and as described in the initial consultation.
I have no hesitation in recommending Allon and his team to others

Patricia Gay – Cataract Surgery

Thank you so much for the help that you gave to me. Have new reading glasses. Do not need glasses  for driving. My husband is so relieved I am safe back in the driving seat as he cannot at the moment drive. Hopefully this will change. Thanks once again.

Shona Harris – Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

The whole experience was relaxed and reassuring. Having had the High Street “sales” experience where money was asked for even before tests were finished everything here was thorough, considered and detailed. The result is excellent blended vision so that I only sometimes need reading glasses if I’m tired or the text I’m reading is smaller. I would recommend Mr Barsam and his team to everyone.

Michael Korn – Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

it’s now exactly 24 hour since my LASIK / laser procedure.  It’s amazing that right now I have better vision than I ever had with my contacts in, and I’m in no discomfort.  I’ve not had to take any pain killers.  The only discomfort I experienced was similar to having put my contact lenses in the wrong way round (something I’m glad I’ll never have to experience again).  I slept well and woke up with little-no discomfort.

I’ll never have to worry about contacts / opticians / lost or broken glasses again.  I’m looking forward to swimming without contacts (I’ve previously broken my finger swimming front crawl with my eyes shut into the pool wall), surfing without the fear of losing my lenses in the sea, and being able to buy normal (non-prescription) sunglasses.
Allon and his team were very professional, helpful and friendly.  The laser machine is an amazing bit of kit …. the whole procedure took 15mins !  and I think it’s worth every penny.  I’m already noticing things that otherwise would have been out of my vision.


Doron B – Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

I was really impressed by the overall product package offered. The pre-surgery service was warm and comforting making me feel more at ease for the procedure. The surgeon and his aids performed the procedure efficiently and upheld the highest level of professionalism. In the follow up appointment with Mr Barsam I was explained in easy to follow step by step instructions of how to maximise the benefit from the surgery. In just one short day I saw significant improvements and could now see better and appreciate things In more detail then I ever could before. I now understand the full depth of HD TV. I also think that Improved sight has also helped other areas. I now find I can concentrate better and improve my all round efficiency cause my sight isn’t holding me back. I would recommend this to anyone contemplating treatment as it is truly life changing.
Thank you so much for giving me the ability to see and enjoy the world around me!

Nomi Sharron – Cataract Surgery with Toric Astigmatism Correcting Intracocular Lenses

I recently received cataract surgery in both eyes from Mr Allon Barsam.  In my experience, he is not only a wonderful, highly-skilled and dedicated surgeon; he is also a deeply caring human being, who went way beyond the call of duty in offering me after- care, and was always at the end of a phone if I needed to talk to him.  I know that he is much sought-after and incredibly busy, yet he was always relaxed and had time for me.

John Horton – Bilateral Refractive Lens Exchange

Just a note to let you know all is well with my new eyes, no problems whatsoever. Best £6000 I ever spent, lasts longer than a holiday.

Elena – Bilateral Advanced Z-LASIK for Myopia with Astigmatism

I would like to express my gratitude for a wonderful result of laser eye surgery  and all the care that I received from Mr Allon Barsam and his team.

While being an eye surgeon myself I was always dependant on contact lenses and glasses in every day life and especially when doing my job.

All this inconvenience  as well as risk of contact lens related infection  disappeared from my life and now I enjoy my more than 100% vision at home and at work.

The recovery was so fast that I could come back to work within 2 days!

Again, an enormous thank you to Mr Barsam and all his team!


Francis Lawerence – Cataracts

I would like to take this opportunity to express how impressed I was with your consultant, Mr Allon Barsam who more than surpassed any expectation that I could have in the ophthalmic service that my father Francis Lawerence received for a cataract operation on his right eye.

From the very first meeting with Mr Barsam, I knew that he was more than an expert in his field and that my father would be in very capable hands.

Not only did Mr Barsam give my father and I confidence in his ability to successfully carry out the procedure, but he also made my father and myself feel rest assured that the upcoming operation was in capable hands after previously having unsuccessful cataract operation on his other eye whilst overseas.

I myself, am in the service industry and set the bar high for my clients or individuals to exceed my expectations. Your surgeon Allon Barsam surpassed all my expectations by far and not only impressed me with his knowledge, ability and professionalism; but also how pro active he was, as well as very caring and forward thinking in his planning and way he worked.

I am sure Mr Barsam has hundreds of impressed patients and many testimonials which are well deserved, but I thought I would add another to his collection and join many admirers.

Sarah Coombs – Laser Eye Surgery

I was recommended to Allon by my optician, having looked previously at having laser eye surgery to correct my short shortsightedness. I’m so very pleased with the choice I made, Allon and his team have been fantastically professional and have an amazingly high standard of care throughout, I really cannot fault it. I had my surgery last Thursday & my vision is amazing and I really wish I had done it sooner!!! Allon is so passionate and knowledgeable in his field, it was a great relief come to the day of surgery (Even if Allon and his team had to check I was still breathing a couple of times as I was so still!!!)
Thank you VERY much 🙂

Susan Wagner – Laser Eye Surgery

Allon Barsam you have changed my life…after 30+ years, no more lenses or glasses needed and I have perfect vision. THANK YOU!

Annette Turner – Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Blended Vision

Words cannot express my thanks for making my whole world change within a couple of hours. From the brilliant team of nurses who work for you to the receptionist. All of which made my journey relaxed, painless and gave me the confidence.

They are a credit to the practice.

I would recommend you without hesitation.

Anthony Goodmaker – Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) for Very High Myopia

Thank you again for the life changing procedure!

Marian White – Corneal Surgery & Cataracts

This just a short note to say thank you very much for your support and encouragement over recent weeks. Mr. Barsam undertook the procedure on Monday afternoon and now I have remarkable distance vision in my right eye. I cannot tell you what a joy it is and, as you suggested, I do ask myself why I didn’t have this done sooner. But for your positive and mind settling support, I am sure I would have returned to trudging treacle!

Margaret Frost – Premium Cataract Surgery

I have received three operations on my eyes by Allon Barsam over the last year. First one on my right eye for a superficial keratectomy with Mitomycin C, followed by cataract surgery, & then finally, Phacoemulsification + intraocular lens insertion to the left eye.

At each procedure I have been shown such professionalism and have been so impressed with each visit to the Spire Hospital at Bushey.  Each operation has been a success & finally at the end, my distant sight is really amazing & the colours around me are so intense!

I do feel honoured to have received such expert surgery from Allon and such a great team.

My grateful thanks to you all.

David Harvie – Cataracts with Toric Lens

I underwent corrective eye surgery by Mr Barsam on both eyes in September and as a result my distance vision is greatly improved . I am still putting eye drops into both eyes and this should help the full recovery process .The operations were virtually painless and took less than an hour on both occasions and I was able to return home the same afternoon . The nursing staff were first class and hospital facilities excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Barsam and his team to anyone seeking this type of surgery

Peter Bawden – Cataracts

Mr Barsam performed wonders with my right eye and has restored perfect sight which has made a huge difference to my life as a whole .He is to be recommended .

Mujgan Kazeroonian – Cataracts

I had my cataract operation with Mr. Allon Barsam in April 2014. The appointments were given according to my need, the operation was quick (20 minutes for each eye) . He corrected my far sight , so I can drive and watch TV without wearing glasses, but I wear glasses for reading. I was able to pay the costs by instalment which was very helpful.

Marlies Curram – Double Cataract surgery

I would like to thank Mr Allon Barsam his secretary and medical team in giving me a vast improvement in my eyesight. All arrangements from initial examination, surgery and follow up were all achieved with speed, great efficiency and care.

Mr Barsam’s professional advice and guidance allowed me to understand the options he was able to achieve with surgery and the outcome was exactly as he predicted. Prior to and during surgery he and his medical team ensured that the procedures were carried out painlessly and without stress.

Corinne Beverley – Cataracts

I would like to thank Mr Barsam for the care he took when removing my cataracts a few months ago.  My sight is much improved when driving at night with the glare from oncoming traffic being much diminished and therefore I feel much safer. I was able to drive and generally move normally within a few days. Many thanks to you, too, for the friendly and very helpful way you dealt with me.

Patricia B Thorn – Cataracts

The eye surgery that Mr Barsam performed on me at the beginning of August was excellent.  He is a first-class Ophthalmic Surgeon and I cannot praise him highly enough.  He is not only a fantastic surgeon but also very caring and considerate. The sight in the eye he operated on has been improved immensely. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody who needs help and advice regarding their eyesight.

Roger Millins – Cataracts

Mr Barsam treated both of my eyes for removal of severe cataracts. The result was an almost miraculous improvement in vision. I was given a new lease of life. I was very impressed with Mr Barsam’s expertise and his clear intention to strive for the best result. He seems to be dedicated to the cause of bringing people the benefits of modern methods of eye treatments.


Sarah Hickson – Cataracts Toric Lens

I am delighted with my new vision. Wonderful.  The care and attention I received was first class. Many thanks for your expert care.

Maggie Young – Bilateral Refractive Lens Exchange

I would like to thank Allon Barsam for improving my vision. I had Lens replacement because I was short sighted and due to him and his team I can see clearly in the distance. The team and Mr Barsam were so professional and wonderful and really put me at ease whilst undergoing my treatment and the aftercare was second to none. Thank you Mr Barsam for giving me the opportunity to see clearly lovely views when I am on holiday and for the rest of my life.

Melanie Hutchinson – Bilateral Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery for High Myopia with Astigmatism

“For anyone considering laser eye surgery, I can’t recommend Allon and his team enough. Taking the step to have laser eye surgery is a huge decision but Allon made it easy, offering advice, guidance and reassurance throughout the process. It is clear that he is passionate about his work and achieving the best results for his patients. The procedure itself (although daunting!) was actually quick and simple and the results (even after just 24 hours) were amazing. For me it has been truly life-changing. My only regret is that I didn’t have it done sooner!”

Jane Appleby-Dean – Cataract surgery with multifocal lenses

There was absolutely no pain or discomfort. When I woke up the morning after the
second eye was done…I burst into tears…my sight had become clear,
bright, detailed and an unexpected bonus was that my depth of field
vision was better than it had ever been. I don’t exaggerate when I say
that Allon gave me my life back. I am grateful and still amazed on a
daily basis for this marvellous procedure..executed by a brilliant guy.
Feeling very privileged to be writing this testimonial on an ipad with tiny print ….that I can see with perfect ease without glasses!!…..Jane Appleby-Deen.

Rosalind: Bilateral Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

I cannot recommend having laser eye surgery enough! My only regret is not having it done sooner. It has completely changed my life, I can not only see perfectly, but my vision is so crystal clear that everything seems like it is in HD. Allon was amazing from the start and really put me at ease as it was a huge decision for me. On the day of surgery I was really nervous but the team were all amazing and they distracted me really well! It was all over so quickly and my life changed forever. The after care with Allon was outstanding, he even called me personally a few hours after surgery. I would say to anyone this is worth every penny and I now have a new found confidence.

Emma Germain: Bilateral Advanced Z-LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Fabulous experience with doing the impossible and having laser eye surgery to correct my terrible vision – minus 9.5 and minus 10.5 – for those that this means nothing to – it’s very, very bad, and most laser eye companies can’t/won’t do over minus 8!

Would highly recommend Allon Barsam to anyone and everyone – he’s a genius, and the aftercare is astoundingly good!

I’m 4 weeks in and I have “super vision” in my right eye (bottom line of the optician board!) and 20-20 in my left eye, which is still actually improving all the time!!!


I had my surgery late in the afternoon. Prior to the surgery, my prescription was -6.5 in my left eye and -5.5 with a slight astigmatism in my right eye. Having got home I spent a couple of hours in a darkened room but by later in the evening I was comfortable watching a TV.

But it was the next morning that was a revelation. Having been back for my check up the next morning I was told what I already suspected – namely that my vision was now excellent. 20/16 in my left eye and 20/12 in my right eye a mere 18 hours after surgery. I’ve been lucky enough to have no itchiness and no dryness. It’s been remarkable.

Many thanks to Allon Barsam – he did a remarkable job. Many thanks also to the other members of the clinical and administrative team. They were professional and friendly throughout.

Jean – cataract surgery with premium lenses

Thanks to Mr Barsam my vision is now better than ever before. Refractive intraocular lens surgery has solved two problems: cataract and astigmatism. I admit that I was anxious at the prospect of eye surgery. However, Mr Barsam allayed fears and inspired trust. I knew I would be in safe hands. In fact, there was absolutely no cause for alarm either during surgery or afterwards, and within a few days I could see clearly. Amazing! Now I just need reading glasses for very small print. Many, many thanks to Mr Barsam and his dedicated team.

RK – Z-LASIK Patient

Thank you for everything! Great treatment with Allon Barsam, all is well, amazing how quickly you start taking perfect sight for granted! Merci encore.

Dr Sureena Goutam Z-LASIK for her and her brother – Refractive Lens Exchange with multifocal intraocular lenses for her Father (also a Doctor)

Mr. Barsam happened to be giving an educational lecture that my father and I (both doctors who have always been a bit dubious about laser eye surgery) attended and made such an impression that 6 months later he, I and additionally my brother now have 20/20 vision. It is, as the cliché goes, life-changing and has made a huge difference to both my social and professional life. Many thanks to Mr. Barsam and his team for being nothing but friendly, helpful and professional throughout. We definitely felt we were in the safest hands which is important when contemplating any surgery. I would and have been recommending him to anyone who will listen!

Alex Libkind LASIK

I am so happy with my Lasik surgery. I had I it done 3 years ago and my vision is perfect. It was so quick and recovery so fast. It was amazing.

Carrie S – LASIK

It is unbelievable how perfect my vision is! The surgery was quick and painless and I had an amazing experience with Dr. Barsam the whole time. People are crazy for not getting this surgery!

Adam H – Z-LASIK Patient

Thank you so much to Mr Allon Barsam and his fantastic team. Mr Barsam came highly recommended and I chose him after considering several other options in London. I would not go anywhere else if you’re looking for better than perfect vision and a wonderful experience! I had bilateral Z-LASIK on 3/9/12 for myopia with astigmatism and can now see 20/12 in each eye and am absolutely over the moon. Mr Barsam explained the various treatment options and what I could expect from surgery in a way that was easy to understand. He talked me through every step of the procedure and I felt safe and very comfortable with him looking after me. The procedure itself was completely painless and with the exception of a bit of irritation for a couple of hours after I have had no problems at all. My vision was 20/15 on the right and 20/12 on the left one day after the surgery and is now the best it has ever been.

Susan P – Z-LASIK Patient

It is incredible! The novelty hasn’t worn off yet, I still feel so happy when I realise I don’t need glasses.Thank you SO much!

I had -3 vision in both eyes plus astigmatism. I couldn’t wear contact lenses more than once a week and even then only for about 4 hours because of how dry my eyes were. I got fed up and booked a consultation.
Mr Allon Barsam performed my surgery and what really impressed me was how much he put me at ease before and during the operation. The operation was short and painless and within 5 hours my eyes felt almost 100% fine. The next day I could see perfectly and it is now a month later and I absolutely love it! I can see, the eye dryness is not nearly as bad as when I wore lenses (they were dry for about 2 weeks but increasingly you don’t notice dryness except occasionally).

Rosemary – cataract surgery with premium lenses

I am delighted with my new vision and feel I have been well looked after by the whole team. Please say “thank you” to Mr Barsam for me.

N Kaur – Cataract Patient

To Mr Barsam & team

Thanks for my operation. You have changed my life on both of my eyes. Now I can enjoy my life to the full. Once again a big thank you.

Dr Geraldine McKeever, GP and Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine

“Allon has truly changed my life and I would say to anyone thinking of having sight correction at a large impersonal hospital or chain to think again and to contact Mr. Barsam. You only get one pair of eyes and so you should think very carefully whom you entrust them to. ”

Jo C. Refractive Lens Exchange Patient – multifocal intraocular lenses

I underwent refractive lens exchange in 2013 having worn glasses most of my life and was at a stage that I was contact lens intolerant and did not want to wear glasses. The care I received was sympathetic and alleviated my fears totally. The procedure was not unpleasant and the results almost immediate, save for a day of rest. At the age of 50+ why did I not do this sooner?! I no longer need glasses for anything and thank Mr Barsam and his team for making the experience one that I would highly recommend.

Alex – Z-LASIK Patient

Dear Allon Barsam,

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for the work you do. The professionalism and care I received from the clinic staff and you was outstanding. I am still amazed at the efficiency of the procedure, and have no doubt that choosing to have this surgery with you, is one of the best decisions I have made. My vision has been restored to heights I never knew before and the healing period has been almost undetectable. Mr. Barsam, you are extremely knowledgeable in your field and are a true miracle-worker. I will be forever grateful, and would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to have the Lasik procedure done by you.

Geraldine Q – Refractive Lens Exchange – Clarivu patient

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Barsam and his team to my friends and family. I now have a wonderful sense of freedom not having to wear glasses and my vision is excellent. I am very grateful to Mr Barsam and his team. Many thanks to them all.

Major M.Clarke – Pilot Apache Attack Helicopter – British Army

Thank you Mr Barsam for an excellent service. My eyes are healing well.

Dr Roger C Z-LASIK

I’m a qualified surgeon and also do regular triathlons so my eyesight is everything. Mr Barsam is a very talented ophthalmologist, and I’m delighted with the outcome.

Lynsey G – Z-LASIK for high myopia with astigmatism

I had LASIK Eye treatment with Mr Allon Barsam. I had very short sight and astigmatism in both eyes and now have better than 20:20 vision. Waking up and being able to see perfectly is truly amazing. I wish I had done it years ago.

Christina – Z-LASIK Patient

Hello World!! Better than 20/20 vision after my laser eye surgery yesterday. Best thing I ever did Allon Barsam thank you.

Jean – cataract surgery with premium lenses

Thanks to Mr Barsam my vision is now better than ever before. Refractive intraocular lens surgery has solved two problems: cataract and astigmatism. I admit that I was anxious at the prospect of eye surgery. However, Mr Barsam allayed fears and inspired trust. I knew I would be in safe hands. In fact, there was absolutely no cause for alarm either during surgery or afterwards, and within a few days I could see clearly. Amazing! Now I just need reading glasses for very small print. Many, many thanks to Mr Barsam and his dedicated team.

Michelle Thiemann LASIK

Mr Barsam made this experience extremely comfortable for me. I could not have asked for a better surgeon. I would defiantly recommend Mr Barsam to anyone who is looking to get LASIK. Being able to see has been one of the greatest gifts I could have asked for and it’s all because of Mr Barsam.

Tuvia Book LASIK with mini-blend

Mr Allon Barsam performed LASIK surgery on both of my eyes. He was calm, compassionate and completely professional. His work meets the highest standards. My vision is now 20/20 and I have nothing but praise for his remarkable work.