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Wearing contact lenses can ‘mould’ the corneal surface of your eye, meaning the curvature of your eye has been changed and your refraction (prescription) is altered. Therefore, we ask that to enable us to get the most accurate measurements of your eyes at your initial consultation, you refrain from wearing contact lenses prior to your consultation.

If you usually wear soft lenses we advise that before your consultation you don’t wear them for at least 3 days and for gas permeable/hard lenses we ask that you don’t wear them for a period of 28 days before your consultation appointment. This period allows time for your cornea to return to its natural shape and size, which will then allow us to achieve a more accurate result from your surgery. We have to give more time for hard lens wearers as these lenses have a greater effect on the cornea and as such, it takes longer for the eyes to return to their natural shape.

This minimum length of time is sufficient for the majority of our patients, however, everyone’s eyes are different and some people’s corneas may take longer to adjust than others, therefore it may be necessary that we ask you to avoid wearing your contact lenses for a longer period of time and repeat the measurements prior to your surgery. Our team will advise you of this if needed.

Once we have gathered the necessary results to plan your surgery you may wear your contact lenses again until the approach of your surgery date. We ask that you don’t wear contact lenses the day before, or the day of, your surgery.

We want to achieve the best possible end result for you so it is really important that you do follow our advice and refrain from wearing your contact lenses prior to your consultations and surgery. It is worth it in the end!

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