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The lens that is implanted during the refractive lens exchange surgery is designed to remain there for the rest of your life. It will improve your vision permanently.

The only component of the original lens that is left behind is the lens capsule. This houses the new lens in your eye.

Occasionally, in around 5-10% of patients, the remaining capsule can thicken up over time and may affect the vision. If this happens, this can be treated in the clinic setting with a special type of laser called YAG.

The YAG procedure is commonly used for the small number of patients who find over time their vision is not as good as it was previously as a result of the capsule thickening. This thickening usually doesn’t occur until a couple of years after surgery although can be sooner.

The YAG laser is used to make a small hole in the remaining capsule; this then allows light to pass through without obstruction and the vision is restored. The procedure is quick, taking 5 to 10 minutes. You can come in for your assessment consultation and have the procedure on the same day if indicated, saving you the inconvenience of booking two separate appointments.