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Unique, elite ICL surgeons

Each of our surgeons is recognised as an expert consultant with exemplary bedside manner & sees every patient during their first consultation.

Treatment tailored for you

You are always at the centre of everything we do. We do not offer a one size fits all approach but rather customise every single treatment to your individual visual needs, so you’ll always get the best procedure for your eyes and your vision.

State-of-the-art technology

Alongside our elite surgeons, our use of the most advanced technology helps us achieve our results. We use the world’s most advanced laser systems. Read more about the technology we use here.

Excellent 5.0* rating on TrustPilot

Our reviews speak for themselves. With over 1,700 5* reviews, we’re ranked as one of the top eye care clinics in the UK.

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ICL price

Our ICL price is £6700 for both eyes. We offer a 0% finance repayment plan over 6, 12 or 24 months to help spread the cost of this life-enhancing procedure.

Our pricing is transparent and with no hidden extras and covers:

  • Your treatment, performed by an expert ICL surgeon using the latest available technology
  • Surgical and facility costs
  • All consultations required after surgery
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Frequently asked questions

We understand that considering ICL surgery is a big decision. Our experienced surgeons will be able to answer any additional questions you may have and advise based on your individual circumstances.

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What is ICL surgery?

During Implantable Contact Lens surgery, also known as Visian ICL phakic lens implant, an artificial lens made from a very thin bio-compatible material is inserted in front of the natural lens. It works by providing additional focusing power to the eye’s optical system.

How does ICL surgery work?

Most people with poor eyesight have eyes that are either too long or too short compared to the point of focus created by the cornea and lens. Eyes which are relatively long cause images to focus in front of the retina, making you short-sighted. Eyeballs that are relatively short mean that images focus behind the retina, making you long-sighted.

For people with good vision, the natural lens of the eye can change shape to help them see objects at different distances. However, if you have severe short or long sight, the flexibility of the lens is not enough to correct your vision. Fortunately, artificial lenses like the ICL can provide the eye with additional focusing power, enabling you to see without glasses.

Who is ICL suitable for?

OCL Vision offer laser eye surgery to correct most prescriptions. However, as LASIK involves reshaping the cornea using a laser, it is not suitable for people who have very thin corneas.

Equally, if you have a very high prescription, laser eye surgery may be unsuitable because too much of the cornea would have to be treated to achieve good vision. High prescriptions mean very thick lenses and heavy glasses, and sometimes contact lenses may not be an option. ICL surgery is a realistic solution for people with very high prescriptions. ICL surgery may also be suitable for people who have dry eyes.

Our experienced eye surgeons will examine your eyes thoroughly and will recommend the best procedure for you.

How long is the recovery period after ICL surgery?

Most patients experience only minimal discomfort and are able to go back to work within a few days of the procedure.

Following surgery, you will probably see better than you ever did with your glasses and can enjoy the activities that were always restricted because of your high prescription.

How should I choose an ICL surgeon?

When choosing a doctor to perform your surgery, you should consider the following questions:

  • Are they an NHS consultant?
  • Are they highly trained in cornea, cataract and refractive surgery?
  • Do they perform at least 50 vision correction procedures each month?
  • Do they have a good reputation?

All of our surgeons meet these criteria and are recognised as experts in their field.

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Our locations

We offer consultations at a variety of convenient clinic locations in London and Hertfordshire. Our state-of-the-art central London clinic is located just off Harley Street, at 55 New Cavendish Street.

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