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9-11 Bath St


Phone: 0203 369 2020

Opening times

Monday: Operating
Tuesday PM: Consultation
Wednesday AM: Consultations
Friday AM: Consultations
Friday PM: Operating

Other times and days by arrangement.


by car

On-street parking is available throughout the area, as are off-street secure car parks within walking distance from Moorfields Eye Hospital.

by public transport

Nearest train station: Old Street

Nearest Underground: Old Street

Wheelchair Accessibility

Our clinic at Moorfields Private Hospital is wheelchair accessible. Please contact us so that any other arrangements can be made prior to your appointment.

Moorfields Private

Moorfields Eye Hospital is one of the world’s leading ophthalmic centres of excellence. Together with the University College London, it is also the leading ophthalmic research institute pioneering advances in treatment of eye diseases. Established in 1805 Moorfields Eye Hospital is one of the oldest eye hospitals in the world and is a centre of specialist expertise for the UK.

Our surgeons who have NHS consultant appointments at Moorfields can be consulted and treat laser eye surgery, lens, corneal and retinal patients at Moorfields Private. These surgeons may also opt to perform surgeries at Moorfields where general anaesthesia is required, although the majority of surgeries we provide at OCL Vision can be performed at our Central London advanced surgical facility under local anaesthesia and sedation.

The following consultant can be seen at Moorfields Private;

ms laura de benito

Ms Laura de Benito

Ms Laura de Benito is an eye surgeon specialising in corneal transplant, cataract, lens, and laser eye surgery. She is considered to be kind and approachable by her patients, and many of her new patients are recommended by her existing patients.

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Laura de Benito specialties

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Our concierge team can help with a range of different services for before, during and after your treatment to make sure your visit runs as smoothly and a stress-free as possible.

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Nearby Accommodation

For anyone seeking laser eye surgery or other treatments and looking to stay close to the hospital, Old Street and the surrounding areas provide plenty of selection. Excellent transport links to areas to the west, meaning that hotels around Mayfair and Hyde Park are also easily accessible.

More about the clinic

Founded in 1805, it is the largest eye hospital in the world, treating over 260,000 patients annually across the full spectrum of eye disease. Together with the Institute of Ophthalmology, Moorfields is also the largest ophthalmic research centre in the world and has pioneered many treatments to prevent blindness, including being the first centre in the world to perform gene therapy for retinal blindness.

Woman smiling after lasik eye surgery at Moorfields

Overall I experienced an outstanding level of customer service and standard of care.

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What is laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a term used to describe a collection of procedures

It commonly corrects short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hypermetropia), astigmatism and reading vision problems (presbyopia).

Different techniques are used to correct each condition. These corrections are achieved through the use of a laser which reshapes the cornea (the transparent part) and adjusts the focus of the eye. Laser eye surgery is a brief procedure and is entirely painless due to the application of anaesthetic drops.

Apart from laser eye surgery, OCL Vision offer a range of other life-changing procedures, ranging from cataract surgery to lens replacement surgery. 

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*OCL Vision™ and Moorfields Private Eye Hospital are independent of each other. Consultants employed by Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust are able to see and treat private patients at Moorfields Private facilities. Consultants that practice at OCL Vision and at Moorfields Private may have their consultations administered by OCL Vision but the two private patient service providers remain separate entities.