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How does it work?

A minimum 10% deposit is required and the remaining balance is split over your chosen monthly period of either 6, 12, or 24 months at a rate of 0% APR. The amount you repay each month will depend on the deposit you put down and chosen length of repayment period. Interest bearing credit options over longer periods are available on request.

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How to arrange 0% finance?

You must be a UK resident. Please call us and our team will organise this for you, letting us know at least 10 days in advance of your treatment that you wish to use this facility.

Take a look at the tables below to see an example of 24-month finance options available.

Laser eye surgery

ProcedureCostDeposit24-month repayment
LASIKfrom £1975 to £2475 per eye£198£74
LASEK/PRKfrom £1975 to £2475 per eye£198£74
LASER Blended Vision£4950 both eyes£495£186
LASER Presbymax£2750 per eye£275£103

Cataract & refractive lens exchange surgery

ProcedureCostDeposit24-month repayment
Cataract Surgery – Monofocal lens, per eye£2500£250£94
Cataract Surgery – Premium Monofocal lens, per eye£2900£290£109
Cataract Surgery – Premium Toric Monofocal lens, per eye£3200£320£120
Cataract Surgery -Premium Multifocal lens, per eye£3600£360£135
Cataract Surgery -Premium Toric Multifocal lens, per eye£4100£410£154
Cataract surgery – IC-8 Lens, per eye£4300£430£161
Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Surgery, per eye£500£50£19
RLE – Premium Monofocal lens£3000£300£113
RLE – Premium Toric Monofocal lens£3500£350£131
RLE – Premium Multifocal lens£3600£360£135
RLE – Premium Toric Multifocal lens£4100£410£154
RLE – IC-8 Lens£4300£430£161
ICL Surgery, both eyes£6700£670£251


Corneal Procedures

ProcedureCostDeposit24-month repayment
Corneal Collagen Crosslinking, per eye£1600£160£60
Crosslinking with laser, per eye£2400£240£90
Crosslinking with keraring, per eye£2600-£3600from £260from £98
Crosslinking with laser & keraring, per eye£3400-£4400from £340from £128
Keraring (sole procedure)£2000-£2500from £200from £75
Corneal Transplantation, per eye£10000-£12000from £1000from £375
Pterygium Surgery, per eye£2900£290£109
PTK (photo-therapeutic keratectomy), per eye£1500£150£56

Cosmetic Procedures

ProcedureCostDeposit24-month repayment
Blepharoplasty– 1 eyelid (upper) LA£3000£300£113
Blepharoplasty – 2 eyelids (upper) LA£4600£460£173
Blepharoplasty – 2 eyelids (lower)£5500£550£206
Blepharoplasty – 4 eyelids (upper + lower, with IV sedation)£8200£820£308
Correction of lower eyelid ectropion LA£3200£320£120
Correction of lower eyelid entropion LA£3200£320£120
Correction of upper eyelid entropion LA£3400£340£128
Excision of lesion of  eyelid (chalazion) LA£850£85£32
Punctocanaliculoplasty + NLD SYRINGE LA£2100£210£79
Correction of ptosis (droopy eye lid), per eye£4200£420£158
Correction of ptosis (droopy eye lid), both eyes£7500£750£281


Glaucoma procedures

ProcedureCostDeposit24-month repayment
Glaucoma surgery (depending on complexity)£3000-£4500from £300from £113
SLT Laser or Iridotomy Laser, one eye£650£65£24
SLT Laser or Iridotomy Laser, both eyes£950£95£36

Retinal Procedures

ProcedureCostDeposit24-month repayment
Complex vitrectomy£6800£680£255
Vitrectomy / MP (membrane peeling)£6300£630£236
Cataract & vitrectomy / MP£8000£800£300
Vitrectomy and intraocular lens exchange£8500£850£319
Argon laser treatment£1300£130£49
Intravitreal injection – Avastin£800£80£30
Intravitreal injection – Lucentis£1800£180£68
Intravitreal injection – Eylea£2000£200£75

Other procedures

ProcedureCostDeposit24-month repayment
Iris Implant£8000 £800£300