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Insurance options

We provide fee assured services at our Central London, West London and Hertfordshire clinic including cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, treatment of macular degeneration and most other aspects of ophthalmology.

We are part of the AXA PPP and BUPA cataract networks meaning that if you’re insured with these companies, we will bill your insurer a pre-agreed package price to include your cataract consultation, diagnostic tests, surgery and aftercare.

Our consultants are also Bupa platinum recognised. Bupa Platinum consultants have been rated ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ by 97% of Bupa customers so, you can expect to be looked after by experts who are specialists in their fields.

Our surgeons are also experts in implanting the latest trifocal and enhanced depth of focus lens implants for cataract surgery to reduce your dependence on glasses or eradicating the need for them in most cases. We also offer femtosecond laser cataract surgery, the latest laser technology for the removal of cataracts. It would be unusual for your insurer to cover the cost of these enhanced lenses, or the femtosecond laser, but you can choose to pay the additional fees for this yourself.

You can find our prices for enhanced lenses and femtosecond laser in the table below.

Each insurer is different, so we advise that you speak with them to understand your cover and ensure you obtain a pre-authorization code prior to proceeding with treatment. Our patient co-ordinators will be happy to help you with any insurance related queries and answer any questions.

oclvision insurance options

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How much will premium lenses cost on top of my insurance?

For cataract surgery, insurance companies generally only cover the cost of standard lenses. We often recommend premium lenses for our cataract patients as this maximises the quality of vision and can result in more natural vision for example with a greater depth of focus.

The fees listed below are the ‘uplift’ fee which represents the difference between what your insurer will pay for a standard lens and what we charge for the premium lenses.

This includes not only the cost of the lens but also the increased time and diagnostics required to evaluate and deliver the results that you expect.

Standard Monofocal

No uplift

Premium Monofocal

£400 per eye

Toric Monofocal

£750 per eye

Trifocal/Multifocal/Extended range

£1,200 per eye

Toric Trifocal/Multifocal/Extended range

£1,500 per eye

Femtosecond laser-assisted surgery

£500 per eye

International patients

If you have a sponsor or embassy that is approved by OCL Vision, we require a letter of guarantee from them in order to see you and treat you. We will invoice your sponsor or embassy directly to cover your care.

If you have any questions about any of our treatments or your eye health, or you'd like to chat about a face to face or video consultation then please fill in your details below and we'll get back to you.

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