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6 important eye surgery questions to ask your surgeon

Posted: Jun 29 2017
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Eye surgery is a significant decision, paralleling any medical procedure, and being well-informed is crucial before proceeding.

Before leaping, it’s essential to attain comprehensive knowledge about the process. Engaging in a candid conversation with your surgeon is advisable, as it not only assists in determining the appropriateness of the procedure for you but also facilitates a clear comprehension of the forthcoming events and aids in devising a strategy for the surgery day and the subsequent recovery period.

During consultations, individuals often find it easy to overlook specific queries they intend to pose. To counter this, utilising a checklist of indispensable eye-surgery questions could prove immensely beneficial. These questions can serve as a framework for your conversation with the surgeon, guiding you in acquiring the necessary information.


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What will the procedure involve?

A fundamental question to pose regards the procedural details. Regardless of the specific eye surgery you are contemplating – whether it’s cataract surgery, laser eye surgery, or any other intervention – gaining a comprehensive understanding of the surgeon’s approach is pivotal. Being acquainted with each stage of the process not only contributes to your state of readiness but also alleviates any apprehensions.

A proficient surgeon should willingly outline the sequence of steps constituting the procedure, instilling confidence about the forthcoming experience. In some instances, supplementary literature might be provided for your convenience. Additionally, you might find our guide on the execution of laser eye surgery to be informative.

How should I prepare?

Preparation is a crucial aspect that necessitates clarity. It’s imperative to ascertain if any prerequisites are to be met before the surgery. For instance, certain procedures may demand fasting before the surgery, discontinuation of contact lens usage, or cessation of specific medications.

Since you’ll need to allocate time away from work, understanding the expected duration of the operation and the subsequent recovery period is advantageous. Also, considering that you might require assistance in commuting back home post-surgery (owing to temporary driving restrictions), it’s essential to account for these logistical aspects.

Is the surgeon well-qualified?

Scrutinising the qualifications of the surgeon holds paramount importance. This query ranks among the most critical eye surgery questions, as the surgeon’s proficiency influences the procedure’s safety. Reputable surgeons are open to discussing their qualifications. They are willing to share information about their success rates with potential patients, underscoring their commitment to transparency and patient confidence.


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LASIK surgery

Is it safe?

A natural concern revolves around the safety of the planned procedure. Your apprehensions can be mitigated by your surgeon’s expert explanation of why they consider eye surgery a secure option for you. A comprehensive dialogue should elucidate any potential risks or side effects associated with the procedure. With this complete understanding, you can make an informed decision about moving forward.

What is the recovery time?

Enquiring about the expected recovery duration is pivotal. Understanding whether you can resume work the following day or need a few days of recovery at home and any temporary lifestyle adjustments that might be required during the recovery period can provide a realistic anticipation of the outcome following the surgery. This insight into the recovery process aids in managing expectations.

How much will it cost?

Transparency regarding the cost is vital to avoid any unwelcome surprises. It’s imperative that your surgeon furnishes a comprehensive breakdown of the expenses associated with your eye surgery, encompassing any post-operative care or follow-up appointments. Obtaining quotes from multiple clinics is advisable, enabling you to compare prices and make an informed choice prior to committing to the surgical procedure.

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At this juncture, our expert team is at your service, ready to assist you in any way possible. Don’t hesitate to ask for guidance and answers to any lingering questions. Your journey towards clearer vision and improved eye health begins with the correct information and a trustworthy surgical partner. Book your consultation today and embark on a brighter and clearer future.

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With over 180 years of collective experience in eye surgery, OCL Vision is an elite group of eye surgeons who have performed over 60,000 surgical procedures, published more than 250 research papers, and presented their work nationally and internationally. Together, we provide patients with the highest standards of private eye care.


Are you feeling unsure? Don’t worry, we’re here to advise you. Click here to get in touch with our expert team and we can answer your questions.

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