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Why winter may be the best time to undergo laser eye surgery

Posted: Dec 04 2017

Find out why the coming season could be the optimal opportunity for laser eye surgery procedure!

All steamed up

There’s no doubt that spectacles are a safe way to correct your vision; but they do also have a few disadvantages. These can become all too apparent in the winter months, when cold air can frequently cause condensation on the lenses. If you’ve wiped your lenses one too many times already this season, a spectacle-free future probably sounds pretty tempting.

And if you’ve considered the problems associated with contact lenses, winter just might be the best time to undergo laser eye surgery and say goodbye to those cleaning cloths forever.

Environmental factors

Can environmental conditions affect LASIK outcomes? One study certainly suggests they can. Scientists from Wake Forest University Eye Center in North Carolina found links between the temperature and humidity when the procedure was performed, and the number of patients requiring additional corrective surgery. The researchers, working in 2004, concluded that the lower levels of humidity and cooler temperatures present in the winter months provide the best conditions for LASIK surgery.

It should be noted, however, that OCL has an exceptionally low rate of LASIK enhancement procedures, whatever the time of year. So if spring, summer or autumn simply suit you better, there’s no need to worry.

Better for recovery

If you’re lucky enough to have a few days off over the festive period, it might be the perfect time to recover from the surgery, giving your eyes a chance to rest and adjust. While the recovery period isn’t long, there are activities that you should put on hold for a few days or weeks, such as aerobic exercise, contact sports and swimming, so whenever you have a time off from work – such as an extended Christmas break – this might be the best time for you to undergo laser eye surgery.

New year, new you

As January approaches, it’s time to take stock. New Year’s Resolutions are all about making changes that will improve your life – and laser eye surgery has got to be one of the most dramatic improvements you could instigate in the New Year.

Many of our patients have commented on the massive difference clear vision has made to their lifestyles, by opening up new career options, or simply enabling a new sense of freedom. So, if you’re looking for a new lease of life this winter, it could be the best time to undergo laser eye surgery.


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