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Why private keratoconus management is the fastest way to boosting your vision

Posted: Aug 12 2016

Keratoconus is a progressive condition that leads to distortion of the cornea and decreasing vision. Keratoconus typically starts in teenage and may involve both eyes. Modern management of keratoconus includes cross-linking with laser surgery to stabilise and reshape the cornea, followed in some cases by specialist contact lenses for optimal vision. Technologies such as keraring inserts and implantable contact lenses can also improve unaided vision whilst the latest techniques of corneal transplant help those with more advanced keratoconus.

In many parts of the UK, collagen cross-linking may be unavailable or rationed to those in whom keratoconus has significantly worsened. Patients typically feel a great sense of relief from knowing that their keratoconus has stabilised after cross-linking. Fitting and obtaining specialist keratoconic contact lenses can also be time consuming and frustrating. As young people get keratoconus, these difficulties in obtaining appropriate treatment and rehabilitation of vision can be restrictive and cause delays with studies and jobs.

The great advantage of seeing a specialist corneal surgeon such as our three surgeons at OCL is in the one to one care by a specialist together with rapid access to the latest treatments and contact lenses.

Life’s too short to let your eyes get in the way!