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4 ways laser eye surgery can improve your golf game

Posted: Apr 09 2018

Inspired by the 2018 Masters? If you’re a golf fan, perhaps you’re looking to the professionals for a few tips to improve your game. Did you know that many world-famous golfers swear by the difference that laser eye surgery has made to their performance? Find out how this quick and simple procedure – which takes less time than a round of golf – could help your technique on the golf course.

1.    Better all-weather vision

Golf involves being outdoors for long periods, in all weathers. That’s great on a good day, but if it gets windy or you suffer from allergies, contacts can get uncomfortable, while rain is bad news for glasses. It’s easy to see why being unencumbered by contacts or glasses is likely to improve your golf. Without having to worry about dry eyes, or dropping your specs, you can stay in the moment and focus your all on the game.

2.    Become a good all-rounder

Good peripheral vision is vital in golf. Golfers need to be able to align their club at exactly the right angle for a good swing, and judge the terrain around them, in order to perform at their best. If you are a glasses wearer, spectacles may not provide the peripheral vision correction that you need. For golfers who want to up their game, laser eye surgery is the best option for top-class peripheral vision.

3.    Keep your eye on the ball

Golf, more than most sports, requires good distance and intermediate vision. This is important to help you judge distances and focus on a small target. If you suffer from myopia, contacts can help, but laser eye surgery tailored to your individual needs can provide superior vision correction. For those with a combination of presbyopia and long- or short-sightedness, varifocal glasses can be a good day-to-day solution, but on the golf course, laser-corrected vision (using monovision or laser blended vision) is more convenient.

4.    Make a difference

Still unconvinced about the difference laser eye surgery could make to your golfing performance? Consider this: before his LASIK procedure in 1999, Tiger Woods lost 16 tournaments in a row. Immediately after surgery, he won his next five games! Other famous golfers who have undergone laser vision correction include Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood and many more. An impressive list of world-class athletes from other disciplines have also had laser eye surgery.

Getting back on the golf course

Laser eye surgery is a simple procedure that takes as little as 15 minutes per eye. However, before you pick up your clubs, you’ll need to wait a few weeks for your eyes to recover. Most people can get back onto the golf course after just two or three weeks, and the improvement in vision will be worth the wait.


If you’re itching to improve your golfing performance, laser eye surgery could be the answer. Find out if you are eligible for laser eye surgery and book a consultation today.

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