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Allon Barsam provides London lecture on refractive error correction

Posted: Feb 08 2017
allon barsam into

This week, Allon Barsam imparted the latest knowledge about refractive error correction at the UK’s largest optical event. Detailing the most advanced surgical options for treating refractive error in 2017, Allon’s lecture took place at ExCel London on 6th February and was a must-see seminar for anyone working in the field.

Refractive surgery in 2017

Refractive error correction has come a long way since patients were restricted to a choice of glasses or contact lenses. Today’s options for refractive eye surgery utilise the most advanced equipment including state of the art laser technology which, combined with a high level of surgical skill, allows for unprecedented precision and an ultra-safe procedure.

Allon’s talk on refractive surgery included multimedia video and photographic content to illustrate the very latest techniques. It gave the audience an insight into the indications for each type of surgery and a good understanding of the risks, benefits and main characteristics of each option. Attendees came away with knowledge of the latest cutting edge refractive error correction techniques in 2017.


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100% Optical at ExCel London

There were many other exhibits and seminars to attend at 100% Optical, an international event for professionals in the optical industry. The event, which took place at ExCel London over three days from 4-6 February, encompassed eyewear exhibits, the latest in lens technology, a wide range of hi-tech optical equipment and business advice from leaders in the optical field. There were keynote speakers and smaller, discussion based seminars covering everything from glaucoma, myopia and paediatrics to the future of optometry and ophthalmology.

Allon Barsam examination


Do you want to learn more? You can read more about the risks of LASIK surgery to understand more about possible risks and side-effects.

Further reading

If you would like to know more about some of the cutting edge options open to patients with refractive error conditions, our website has overviews of the main procedures.

Read more about some of the latest treatment options for refractive error correction here:

  • Laser eye surgery. This bladeless eye surgery encompasses a number of different treatment options including LASIK and Z-LASIK (using the world’s fastest Zeimer femtosecond laser technology).
  • Implantable contact lenses. Where laser eye surgery is not suitable, patients who require refractive error correction can now opt for contact lens implants. Phakic IOLs (intraocular lenses) are a permanent but reversible vision correction solution. The procedure is pain-free and quick to perform.
  • Refractive lens exchange (also known as PreLex or clear lens extraction). This is an option open to patients for whom neither of the above procedures are indicated. It can be used to correct vision in conditions causing refractive error including myopiahypermetropia and presbyopia.

Are you feeling unsure? Don’t worry, we’re here to advise you. Click here to get in touch with our expert team and we can answer your questions.