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Olympians who have had laser eye surgery

Posted: Feb 15 2018

If, like us, you’ve been impressed by the amazing athletes in the recent Winter Olympics, you might be inspired to improve your sporting performance. Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply a keen amateur sports person, great vision is key. So if you’re considering laser eye surgery for vision correction, you’ll be pleased to hear you’re in good company! Discover which high-achieving Olympic athletes have also undergone this life-changing procedure, and improved their performance as a result.

Swimming and water sports

Sports and eye surgery often go hand in hand, especially when it comes to swimming. Prescription goggles and contact lenses just can’t compete with the convenience of laser-corrected vision, so it’s no surprise that US Olympic swimmer and multiple gold medallist Amy van Dyken is one of many swimmers who have opted to undergo laser eye surgery. (Others include fellow US gold medallist Brendan Hansen). If you’re an aquatic sports enthusiast, laser eye surgery could help bring clarity to your underwater life – just make sure you wait at least two weeks after surgery before hitting the pool.

Winter sports

Skating, skiing, sledging and other winter activities can all take a toll on the eyes. That’s partly because the cold air can lead to dry eyes, and also because of the UV rays reflected by the snow. Contact lenses can exacerbate dryness, while spectacles are impractical because of the sheer speed of travel. So many successful Winter Olympians have had laser eye surgery for winter sports, including skiing gold medallist Lindsey Vonn and US Bobsled champions Curt Tomasevics and Elana Meyers.  And after losing out in 2014’s Sochi Winter Olympics, Alpine skier Bode Miller acknowledged that ‘my vision is critical’, voicing regret that he hadn’t found the time to undergo LASIK surgery, which he said would have improved his technique.

Other Olympic activities

Speed, precision and spatial awareness are vital in Olympic sports as varied as running, basketball, hockey and tennis. That’s why basketball legends LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have both chosen laser-corrected vision to aid them on the courts, as has Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia, who competed in the 2016 Olympics. If you’re still wondering why laser eye surgery is so popular with professional athletes, consider how short the recovery time is, with many sporting activities possible after just one or two weeks following surgery. Laser eye surgery is a short, painless procedure that leads to increased clarity and better performance. No wonder it’s a no-brainer for sportsmen and women at the height of their profession.

Stay top of your game with LASIK

It’s clear to see that athletes in all disciplines have enjoyed the performance benefits that laser eye surgery brings. Outside of the Olympics, golf superstars including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have also gained competitive advantage with superior vision after undergoing LASIK laser eye surgery.


If you’d like to join the ranks of the sporting elite, find out if you are eligible for laser eye surgery and contact us today.

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