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OCL Vision’s Top 10 Reasons to get LASIK

Posted: Feb 22 2018

Undergoing LASIK laser eye surgery treatment will change your life.

If you are one of these people, then read our ‘Top Ten Reasons’ as to why our team believe that undergoing LASIK laser eye surgery treatment will change your life.

1. Freedom

Visual freedom is the biggest reason responsible for people getting LASIK. LASIK gives you so much more freedom in life, it lets you enjoy and engage in all the activities you love. Do you remember when you first got your glasses/contacts? When you realised you hadn’t been seeing the world quite as it is, you will get that same feeling when you undergo LASIK and realise you don’t have to wear glasses or contacts anymore!

The procedure is quick and the recovery time is minimal, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of life with great vision.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Have you ever stopped to work out how much you spend yearly on your glasses and glasses repairs or contact lenses and contact lens solution?

Some people are deterred by the cost of LASIK but they don’t see the bigger picture – it actually saves you money over time. The treatment shouldn’t be considered as an additional cost in your life but an investment that pays for itself over time. At Vision Correction London we aim to make the treatment as affordable as possible to a wide range of people. We even offer an interest free payment plan allowing you to split the cost of your surgery over 24 months.

3. Better Eyesight

Imagine waking up every morning and being able to see clearly straight away. No need to fumble around looking for your glasses or having to put your in contacts – all you need to do is open your eyes and see the world in high definition. Furthermore, many people find after LASIK they end up with better vision than they did when wearing glasses/contacts.

4. Travel

Have you ever gone somewhere and realised you’d forgotten your contact lens solution then worried about whether you’ll be able to find any at the place you’re going to? Or have you been on a guided tour where the person on the bus next to you has accidently sat on your glasses? LASIK eliminates the problems of forgetting, misplacing or breaking your eyewear (and means you have less to pack!)

5. Appearance/Self-Confidence

Looking good isn’t just about your physical appearance, it’s about the confidence you feel in yourself. There are a large number of people who hate the way they look in glasses. These people often opt for contact lenses, but there may be times when they aren’t able to wear their contacts and have to revert back to their glasses. The idea of never having to wear glasses again is enough for some people to seriously consider LASIK, and the confidence they gain after having the surgery is more than worth it!

6. Work/Career

If your job isn’t the easiest to do whilst wearing glasses or contacts, it can make each day a struggle. For some people wearing prescription eyewear can be a slight disturbance, for others it can be a major hassle and make their job virtually impossible. There are even some careers in the police force, defence and military that require candidates not to wear glasses or contacts, likewise being a pilot relies on having excellent vision. Having LASIK means wearing glasses/contacts is no longer an obstacle between you and your dream job.

7. Exercise/Sports

When trying to exercise everyone can agree glasses/contacts are a right nuisance. The fear of a contact falling out or your glasses sliding down your nose as you sweat isn’t the most pleasant experience. Many sports are basically impossible to do with eyewear but, with LASIK, you are now free to perform to the best of your ability. You can run, jump, swim, tackle, dive and do whatever else you need to. Make sitting out on a game a thing of the past!

8. Ditching Discomfort

If you wear contact lenses or glasses, you will be well aware of the discomfort they can cause at times especially after a long day at work, a big night out or when you’re feeling a little under the weather. LASIK surgery allows you to leave dry, itchy or watery eyes behind you. The headaches and the feeling of sand under your contact lens will become a thing of the past.

9. Health concerns

Some people find wearing contacts doesn’t work for them. They can cause headaches or increase the risk of developing eye infections or dry eyes. LASIK provides the perfect way to sidestep all mild or serious health concerns associated with contact lenses completely.

10. Instant results

One of the most amazing things about LASIK surgery is the speed at which your vision is improved. After LASIK you will find your vision has improved straight away and this will continue to develop overnight. Most people find themselves overjoyed at their instantly enhanced vision. For such a life-changing surgery the recovery period is rapid.


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