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We provide the most comprehensive aftercare package for laser eye surgery in London. We do this for your peace of mind and because we have faith in the longevity and stability of our treatments.

We go much further with our unrivalled fifteen- year guarantee longer than any other clinic. Most other clinics only guarantee your result for one or two years. After that, should you need a repeat treatment, you would have to pay again. Other clinics that offer longer aftercare tend to rely on only one main senior surgeon – who will look after you when/if that surgeon retires?

Our Laser Eye Surgery 15 – year Guarantee

If you have distance vision correction for short-sight, then we will offer a repeat laser eye treatment to correct a return of myopia in the first fifteen years, free of charge.

At OCL Vision, for these patients, less than 1 in 1000 have needed an additional procedure after 24 months. It’s highly unlikely you will need this guarantee, but we want you to have reassurance and peace of mind, just in case.

Please read our Terms and Conditions below that apply to our aftercare or call us on 0203 369 2020 for more information.

Your guarantee excludes any age-related changes and conditions unrelated to the initial treatment. If your short-sight returns in the first 15 years after a distance vision LASIK treatment at OCL, we will re-treat you for free, if you are suitable. We do this because we know the long-term effects of expertly performed LASIK with our expert surgeons.

Terms and Conditions

  • OCL Vision’s fifteen-year re-treatment guarantee only applies to patients who were treated by us using LASIK, PRK or LASEK excimer laser correction of myopia (shortsightedness) and astigmatism to improve distance vision from November 2019 onwards.
  • It does not apply to patients having treatment for any form of hyperopia (longsightedness), mixed astigmatism (a form of astigmatism that includes longsightedness) or treatment for presbyopia (the need for reading glasses). This includes Blended Vision and Presbymax treatment.
  • It applies to first treatments only and excludes those who have had previous refractive surgery at another clinic.
  • It does not include treatment for eye conditions not related to the original refractive surgery or age-related conditions including loss of near vision.
  • It does not include technology or treatments not available at the clinic at the time of the original surgery.
  • An enhancement will only be offered if our assessment shows that you meet all safety and eligibility criteria for surgery.
  • If you are not clinically suitable for an enhancement procedure, or enhancement is not recommended by our surgeons, you are not entitled to any form of refund or compensation.
  • If you are not eligible for a laser enhancement but are suitable for an alternate nonlaser procedure, such as an intraocular lens (IOL) implant or refractive lens exchange normal fees will apply.
  • Our 15-year guarantee does not cover secondary non-laser or lens-based procedures.