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Name: Andrea Thompson

I am thrilled with the outcome, and seeing clearly without the need for glasses is something I am still very much enjoying

As a surgeon herself, Andrea Thompson had high standards when it came to choosing a LASIK practitioner. Tired of wearing glasses, Andrea had decided to undergo bilateral laser eye surgery and sought recommendations from an ophthalmologist friend, who suggested OCL.

Alternative to glasses

At the age of 29, Andrea had a prescription of -1.25 in both eyes, and wore glasses to correct her vision. But after experiencing many frustrations while wearing glasses, she wanted a more practical solution: “I no longer enjoyed wearing glasses and prefer the cosmetic appearance without them, but I did not like wearing contact lenses,” she recalls. More importantly, Andrea’s glasses were obstructing her work: “I work as a surgeon and my glasses sometimes slipped down my face while operating.”

A friend of Andrea’s who was a trainee ophthalmologist recommended she take a visit to OCL, having worked with them professionally. After finding out more about his experience and qualifications, Andrea decided to make an appointment for a consultation. “Based on my research, he was a well-rated refractive surgeon,” she says.

Honest, trustworthy advice

At the consultation, the OCL team explained Andrea’s options, recommending Z-LASIK to correct her vision and explaining what the procedure would involve. We also took time to get to know her and to answer all the questions she had. “As a fellow doctor they treated me very respectfully and gave me honest, trustworthy advice,” she reports.

Andrea felt no pressure to proceed to treatment, and the friendly and helpful team were very good at keeping in touch and answering questions.

Pain-free procedure

In June 2018, Andrea was booked in for the Z-LASIK procedure. “I was nervous on the day of surgery,” she remembers, “but the OCL team helped this by talking through clearly all the steps I would experience during the surgery and how long each sensation would last. His explanation and calming nature helped me remain settled and focused during the procedure.”

The operation went smoothly, with no pain and very little discomfort, and the effects on her vision were immediate. Like many others who undergo LASIK, Andrea was able to return to work the very next day.

Thrilled with the outcome

Laser eye surgery was a carefully considered decision for Andrea, and it’s one she has no regrets about. “I am thrilled with the outcome, and seeing clearly without the need for glasses is something I am still very much enjoying,” she says, adding that her vision is perfect now that surgery has been completed.

The novelty of being glasses-free is one thing, but LASIK has also made life more practical, in work and at leisure: “I find day-to-day activities much easier and am very glad I have done it,” says Andrea.

If you’re a medical professional looking for a laser eye surgeon to treat your vision, Andrea would not hesitate to recommend OCL. Find out more about LASIK laser eye surgery, and what the procedure involves.


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