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We can perform innovative lens implant surgery for people who are not suitable for standard cataract surgery or permanent lens replacement surgery, such as patients with irregular-shaped corneas, keratoconus and patients who have had radial keratotomy surgery.

What is lens implant surgery?

A groundbreaking new treatment option, cutting-edge IC-8™ intraocular lens implants for cataracts offer a revolutionary new cure for patients who are not suited to standard cataract surgery.

Traditional cataract surgery and laser-supported cataract surgery are simple procedures that help restore quality of vision to thousands of patients every year. But if you have irregularly shaped corneas, your surgeon may decide that these treatments using standard intraocular lenses are unlikely to be effective for you. In addition lenses such as multifocal lenses are not well tolerated in eyes that have had previous surgeries such as radial keratotomy. Cataract sufferers not eligible for surgery have until very recently had no other viable treatment option to turn to. Your surgeon will discuss the varying surgical options available to you during an initial consultation.

IC-8 intraocular lens

The IC-8™ intraocular lens offers an exciting and innovative new option for treating cataract patients with irregular corneas. The small aperture IC-8™ intraocular lens offers patients the ability to see clearly across a range of distances, using state-of-the-art ophthalmic technology from AcuFocus.

This new form of lens implant surgery now finally offers an alternative for cataracts patients, to help them see clearly where standard lenses may be limited by corneal irregularities

Revolutionary lens technology

This pioneering new lens implant surgery is a painless procedure that is very similar to regular cataract surgery. The difference lies in the revolutionary design of the intraocular lenses inserted.

The small, pinhole-sized aperture in the new IC-8™ lens allows only focused light rays to reach the retina, meaning that objects can be seen clearly and in focus at a range of distances. The small aperture technology is a new development in the field and for the first time provides an impressive quality of vision for cataract patients with irregular corneas.

Our surgeons are some of the few specialists in the country currently offering this safe and effective new treatment option for patients.

Allon Barsam Carl Zeiss

The procedure

Inserting small aperture lens implants is a painless procedure carried out using local anaesthetic and can be performed by manual or femtosecond laser lens surgery. Typically taking as little as 15 minutes to perform, lens implant surgery does not do not require an overnight stay, although you may need to have each eye treated separately in two different operations.

Step 1

After numbing the eye with anaesthetic eye drops a small incision in the edge of the cornea.

Step 2

An opening is made in the capsular envelope of the lens. The cataract is then removed through this opening.

Step 3

The new IC-8™ intraocular lens is inserted.

Step 4

Following surgery you can go home the same day, and the eye will heal very rapidly.


For more information on the IC-8™ please click here to download our pdf leaflet offering an overview of the benefits and results.

If you would like to find out if IC-8™ lens implants for cataracts are a suitable option for you, contact us to book a consultation.

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Last updated on December 30th, 2022 by Ms Laura de Benito-Llopis