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The Z-Lenticule procedure is a laser eye surgery technique developed by Ziemer technologies for the correction of vision defects. It is a treatment method which combines the extensive experience and superior safety of traditional vision correction techniques with some theoretical benefits.

What is the Z-Lenticule Procedure?

The Z-Lenticule procedure combines the extensive experience and superior safety of traditional vision correction techniques with some theoretical benefits.


The Z-Lenticule principle: The high-precision Ziemer femtosecond laser creates a small lens (lenticule) inside the intact cornea, the volume and form of which are determined by the degree of vision defect to be corrected. This lenticule is then removed from the interior of the cornea through a small access port measuring just a few millimetres. There is no flap incision, the area of the incision is reduced to a minimum and the outer corneal layers remain more or less intact. Surgery is performed only with a femtosecond laser and not with an excimer laser.


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Benefits of the Z-Lenticule Procedure

This innovative treatment technique yields a range of potential benefits.

Entire treatment carried out using femtosecond laser (all-femto). The use of high-precision femtosecond technology gives outstanding predictability of results, even in cases of severe myopia (> -7.00 D). Stabilisation of visual acuity typically occurs within 14 days.

Single-step treatment. The entire laser correction is in a single treatment, there’s no device change during the operation so it’s short.

Flapless treatment. Minimally invasive access measuring just a few millimeters. There is almost complete preservation of protective corneal layer (epithelium) and stabilizing outer corneal layers (Bowman’s membrane). The maximum number of corneal nerves responsible for tear regulation remain intact. All leading to a painless procedure and recovery.

SmartSight™ laser eye surgery

OCL Vision is the first UK clinic to offer SmartSight™ laser eye surgery, which uses a similar lenticule extraction process to Z lenticule extraction. This leads to a quicker recovery and a faster return to normal life. Find out more on our SmartSight™ procedure page.

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