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Brilliant Laser Eye Surgeon
My son who is 18 has just had laser eye surgery with Ali and Ali was brilliant. From the moment we went to see him, he put us both at our ease and was extremely professional and efficient. We immediately trusted him to do a good job and were not let down. My son can now see perfectly after the 10 min op and is extremely happy. I would not hesitate to recommend Ali Mearza to anyone


The whole experience was seamless. Everything from the pre tests through to the actual procedure was managed professionally. I was fully informed from the beginning and the results of the surgery were transformative. I would recommend him and his team and endorse that they are truly a 5+ star experience. He is also a lovely person with a good sense of humour. No need for nervousness or apprehension. He is clearly at the top of his profession.


Professional treatment and care throughout – from 1st consultation to the operation itself and the aftercare. It’s only been a few weeks since the op but all is looking and feeling great. Thank you to Ali and the team!


A short note to thank you for dealing so well and efficiently with my eyes. Following the recent laser correction I am very pleased with the results. I would also like to thank your team who have all been very kind and efficient.


Lens Replacement
Overall this was a great service provided by all. I would highly recommend the procedure I no longer wear glasses which to me has been great. I will be looking forward to snorkeling in Antigua and for the first time for many years be able to see all the marine life.


You are in the best hands
I asked for a recommendation from a friends dad who was a very well regarded eye surgeon and Ali was the person he said he would get to do his eyes should he ever need. That was all I needed. The psychological aspect is the worst. When you can get your head round that then it ends up literally 10 minutes of discomfort for what will hopefully be 10 years of vision. Ali was completely professional- his relaxed nature puts you at ease and his wonderful and informed staff cannot go far enough to make you feel relaxed and in good hands. While some may wish to go for the cheaper options on the market- for me, my eyesight was not worth the risk. The aftercare was invaluable as the surgery to ensure any questions or concerns I had, were never a problem. I cannot recommend Ali and his team enough. If you are considering this, you will not regret using his expertise. Bring on the summer 🕶!!

L Weale

Therapeutic laser surgery
I went to Mr Mearza’s clinic for therapeutic laser surgery for recurrent corneal erosion syndrome. I have been in and out of A&E for 15 months with really painful episodes. Mr Mearza recommend laser surgery to smooth my cornea (I guess it removes the scar tissue that hasn’t healed properly) and allow it to grow back properly. Six weeks later I haven’t had an episode – which is the longest I’ve gone since September 2015. So fingers crossed. Mr Mearza and his team are knowledgeable and considerate. I’m very glad I went to them.


It has been two plus years since Ali did a trifocal lens replacement on both my eyes.I was recommend to see Ali by Dr Veronica Ferguson an Ophthalmic Surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Surgeon Oculist to Her Majesty’s Household 2002- present. With that recommendation I feel there was nobody ease that I would go and see and let work on my eyes.
I would strongly recommend Ali to carry out the same lens replacement I have had, I have no need to wear glasses and can see 100% better then before.
As a person that spends a lot of time on a laptop I can say that that isn’t an issue.
He is a calm caring man that has a relaxing way of putting you at ease.
I would strongly recommend Ali to everybody.


Excellent LASIK and LASEK experience, would highly recommend.
Dr Mearza came recommended from my opthalmologist for my laser vision correction surgery. He and his staff were great from start to finish and within one month of contacting him for my initial consultation I have better than 20/20 in both eyes. I had LASEK on one and LASIK on the other. LASIK is a dream, you can see perfectly without any pain within a few hours of the surgery. LASEK was a bit more recovery time (3 days for pain to subside fully, and vision about a week to catch up) but manageable. The surgery only takes 2 mins per eye and Dr Mearza is very reassuring throughout. Great experience, would recommend him to everyone who wants to ditch their contacts and/or glasses.

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