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Amy Warren – Laser Eye Surgery

Waking up in HD!

I couldn’t recommend Allon and his team more highly to anyone considering laser eye surgery. With their professional yet personal approach and thorough screening, each team member guides you through the process, inspiring both confidence and reassurance. Their highly accurate results speak for themselves. I could not be happier with mine – seeing clearer than I ever did with lenses/glasses. A huge thank you to Allon and his team!

Hannah Matta – Laser Eye Surgery

Allon thank you so much for this gift! I knew I was in safe hands from day one, Allon takes time to explain things honestly and in simple terms which I appreciate


Sarah Samuels – Laser Eye Surgery

What can I say!!?? Had my eyes lasered yesterday with Mr  Barsam & today I have 20/20 vision!! I would highly recommend him! So happy now to be glasses free! He is a true superstar at what he does!

Maya Levy – Laser Eye Surgery

Had my eyes lasered a few days ago and can see everything perfectly! Such a lovely experience with Dr Barsam and his team, he truly is 5 stars!!!!

Elie Jesner – Laser Eye Surgery

Woke up this morning to see a beautiful clear morning, without the help of glasses or lenses. feeling very grateful to Allon Barsam and his wonderful team, adds a whole new level of meaning! At some point i’ll explore the philosophical implications of all the laser technology being ultimately dependent upon my consciousness based judgment of which lens was clearer, but for now i’m just enjoying the novelty of being among the seeing.

Emoke Gego – ICL Surgery

Mr. Barsam , Thank You so much for giving me back my sight. It really is better than it has ever been in my entire life !
I still cant believe I CAN see without my contacts .

Thank You for taking great care of my eyes during my ICL surgery. You and your team are both caring and professional! I cannot thank You enough and would recommend You to anyone having eye surgery. 

Derek – Corneal Transplant Surgery

My trust in Allon Barsam exceeded expectations. My own personal experience of Allon Barsam is of his outstanding clinical skills in cornea transplants: he has operated surgically on both my eyes with great success. However I also know that his considerable experience, skilled approach and patient care extends to his extensive laser surgery work on eye correction and vision improvement and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his team to those considering taking what is a very important step. Our sight is one of our most valuable assets and deserves care of the highest standard which Allon Barsam provides.

Janice – Laser Eye Surgery

Lazermazing. A totally easy and relatively pain free experience with a great before and after care…There is little if no pain during the procedure but it is a little uncomfortable for a couple of days afterwards. It does take a while to adapt to the vision of the LASIK blending which as Allon did say takes a while to settle down and once your brain and eyes communicate it’s all onwards and upwards. I love not having to wear glasses now for close up and computer work but do still experience a little blurring indoors with artificial lighting. ON the whole a very positive experience and would highly recommend and have suggested it to others. A Happy Patient

Reginald Davis MBE – Cataracts

I am absolutely delighted with the results of my procedure. I can see perfectly well, everything is clear, colourful and sharp. I was treated with due care and given full attention.

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