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I had my surgery late in the afternoon. Prior to the surgery, my prescription was -6.5 in my left eye and -5.5 with a slight astigmatism in my right eye. Having got home I spent a couple of hours in a darkened room but by later in the evening I was comfortable watching a TV.

But it was the next morning that was a revelation. Having been back for my check up the next morning I was told what I already suspected – namely that my vision was now excellent. 20/16 in my left eye and 20/12 in my right eye a mere 18 hours after surgery. I’ve been lucky enough to have no itchiness and no dryness. It’s been remarkable.

Many thanks to Allon Barsam – he did a remarkable job. Many thanks also to the other members of the clinical and administrative team. They were professional and friendly throughout.

Jean – cataract surgery with premium lenses

Thanks to Mr Barsam my vision is now better than ever before. Refractive intraocular lens surgery has solved two problems: cataract and astigmatism. I admit that I was anxious at the prospect of eye surgery. However, Mr Barsam allayed fears and inspired trust. I knew I would be in safe hands. In fact, there was absolutely no cause for alarm either during surgery or afterwards, and within a few days I could see clearly. Amazing! Now I just need reading glasses for very small print. Many, many thanks to Mr Barsam and his dedicated team.

RK – Z-LASIK Patient

Thank you for everything! Great treatment with Allon Barsam, all is well, amazing how quickly you start taking perfect sight for granted! Merci encore.

Dr Sureena Goutam Z-LASIK for her and her brother – Refractive Lens Exchange with multifocal intraocular lenses for her Father (also a Doctor)

Mr. Barsam happened to be giving an educational lecture that my father and I (both doctors who have always been a bit dubious about laser eye surgery) attended and made such an impression that 6 months later he, I and additionally my brother now have 20/20 vision. It is, as the cliché goes, life-changing and has made a huge difference to both my social and professional life. Many thanks to Mr. Barsam and his team for being nothing but friendly, helpful and professional throughout. We definitely felt we were in the safest hands which is important when contemplating any surgery. I would and have been recommending him to anyone who will listen!

Alex Libkind LASIK

I am so happy with my Lasik surgery. I had I it done 3 years ago and my vision is perfect. It was so quick and recovery so fast. It was amazing.

Carrie S – LASIK

It is unbelievable how perfect my vision is! The surgery was quick and painless and I had an amazing experience with Dr. Barsam the whole time. People are crazy for not getting this surgery!

Adam H – Z-LASIK Patient

Thank you so much to Mr Allon Barsam and his fantastic team. Mr Barsam came highly recommended and I chose him after considering several other options in London. I would not go anywhere else if you’re looking for better than perfect vision and a wonderful experience! I had bilateral Z-LASIK on 3/9/12 for myopia with astigmatism and can now see 20/12 in each eye and am absolutely over the moon. Mr Barsam explained the various treatment options and what I could expect from surgery in a way that was easy to understand. He talked me through every step of the procedure and I felt safe and very comfortable with him looking after me. The procedure itself was completely painless and with the exception of a bit of irritation for a couple of hours after I have had no problems at all. My vision was 20/15 on the right and 20/12 on the left one day after the surgery and is now the best it has ever been.

Susan P – Z-LASIK Patient

It is incredible! The novelty hasn’t worn off yet, I still feel so happy when I realise I don’t need glasses.Thank you SO much!

I had -3 vision in both eyes plus astigmatism. I couldn’t wear contact lenses more than once a week and even then only for about 4 hours because of how dry my eyes were. I got fed up and booked a consultation.
Mr Allon Barsam performed my surgery and what really impressed me was how much he put me at ease before and during the operation. The operation was short and painless and within 5 hours my eyes felt almost 100% fine. The next day I could see perfectly and it is now a month later and I absolutely love it! I can see, the eye dryness is not nearly as bad as when I wore lenses (they were dry for about 2 weeks but increasingly you don’t notice dryness except occasionally).

Rosemary – cataract surgery with premium lenses

I am delighted with my new vision and feel I have been well looked after by the whole team. Please say “thank you” to Mr Barsam for me.

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