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Look No Further: Mr Romesh Angunawela
I recently had my 3-month post-op review and am absolutely delighted with my 20/15 results! My prescriptions, immediately prior to the LASEK procedure, were around -9 in both eyes.

Being as risk averse as I am, I researched the different procedures (LASEK / LASIK / SMILE) and provider types (high street chain / hospital / independent clinic) extensively. For me, an independent clinic seemed to be the way to go based on my high prescriptions and desire for a more personal experience as well as more extensive post-op care. Ultimately, Mr Angunawela at OCL Vision was recommended to me by an ophthalmologist friend as being an expert and keen researcher in laser eye surgery, in the prime of his career and possessing an excellent bedside manner. My confidence in him only grew with our meeting to discuss his recommendation for LASEK, getting me comfortable with the (very low) risks of complications, and speaking more generally about his interests in eye surgery and his NHS work. If you are feeling apprehensive about laser eye surgery or having trouble deciding on where to go for an initial consultation, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr Angunawela.

The state-of-the-art facilities and friendly/professional staff at OCL Vision also help make you feel you are in excellent hands!

There’s a very helpful/informative 2017 Checklist for prospective patients on the website for The Royal College of Ophthalmologists (search “Refractive Surgery” on the site). Read it, think about what you need to know to get comfortable and book in with Mr Angunawela. It will be the best thing you have ever done!

RT, Management Consultant – Cataract surgery

To start with, I was not recommended to go to any specific consultant. I did however use a simple criteria.. 1. Has to be on BUPA Approved list and 2. Moorfields based. After doing a quick research, I decided to take a leap-of-faith and choose Mr Romesh Angunawela to treat my cataract.

Now the procedure is done, and I’m almost fully recovered, I can honestly say that the whole experience with Mr Angunawela was very positive and I’m very happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend both Romesh and Moorfields to anyone having similar need. I’ve walked out with a smile!

AL, Economist, London – LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

‘I had an excellent experience and am pleased for having had laser eye surgery. The consultations have been good and I was explained the process very well. I may have underestimated a little the recovery time and particularly that it takes a little whlie for the vision to improve/stabilise but it has. Mr. Angunawela has been personable and available any time I have needed clarification or assistance.’

OF, Student, London – Corneal collagen crosslinking for keratoconus

‘I am a student in London, I was diagnosed back at home and learned that my condition was urgent. As soon as I arrived in London , I contacted Mr. Romesh and I want to thank him for his quick response , care and professionalism. My surgery went perfectly. I received all my medicine from the hospital with a timetable and my recovery was really fast . I am also receiving enough of follow up appointments to have an update on my condition. Thank you very much.

PA, Management Consultant, Chester – Cataract surgery with Mplus multifocal implants

‘ A long time variable focus contact lens wearer I unknowingly developed cataracts. I was conscious of how much more difficult driving and reading in poor light had become. I found I had to use reading glasses and often reverted to variable focus glasses. I have always hated glasses with a passion. When I learned of the need to have cataract treatment I was determined to find a spectacle free solution.
I had a number of consultations with different treatment centres. They mainly encouraged me that I would experience an improvement with variable focus ICL’s. But they warned me it was unrealistic to plan a glasses free future. In some cases they warned me of potential risks and difficulties wearing and even removing ICL’s.
I studied the Surgeons CVs and placed much store on their attitude and process at the consultation. I felt most confident in Romesh and chose him to treat me.
I am delighted to record that my glasses and contact lenses are in the waste-bin while my reading and distance vision in a range of light is excellent. There is some shadowing but I believe my brain will adjust that over time.
The number of individuals that made up the end-to-end team surprised me. It is easy to praise the surgeon but I go further. The care, attitude and skill of everyone in the team was superb and I thank you all.

KH Retired Engineer, Essex – Cataract surgery with toric implant

‘As to my operation I can only say how life changing it is to now be able to see in the eye that was damaged when I was a child nearly sixty years ago. I will be forever grateful to Mr Angunawela and his team. As my friend said he could hear the smile on my face when he spoke to me on the phone a few days after the operation.’

WP, North London – Cataract surgery and lens implants

‘On the day of my first consultation I came away feeling confident that I had found the right consultant for my surgery – Romesh was my second opinion as I disliked the first consultant I met. I think that connecting with the patient is hugely important, and he did this very well. The only negative was that maybe he wasn’t forceful enough in his opinion regarding sight correction – he let me get my own way and perhaps that was not a good thing! I was extremely impressed that I could have access to Romesh at any time before, during and after my treatment and that he telephoned me personally the day after each surgery and whenever I had a concern. I think that this is going ‘the extra mile’ which gives peace of mind to the patient and is very much appreciated. I felt very looked after, which is rare, even with private consultants, these days.’

Builder, Manchester – Clear lens extraction and multifocal Mplus lens implants

‘ I’ve been very pleased with the whole service provided by Moorfields, from initial advice through to the after care . Mr Romesh Angunawela has been very open and honest in answering all my questions, and I would definitely recommend both Romesh and Moorfields to anyone seeking lens replacement or consultation . I wasn’t given unobtainable high expectations and therefore i have not been disappointed with the outcome.’

Clear lens extraction and multifocal Mplus lens implants

‘ I am delighted with the results. All very professional. Well worth the money. Thank you’

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