Adrian C, Finance - LASIK laser eye surgery

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Adrian C, Finance – LASIK laser eye surgery

Posted: Dec 16 2018

‘Having spoken to friends that had undergone laser surgery I was finally convinced to go for it myself.

There are many places that offer surgery and therefore competition makes people fight to offer the best price. But when you consider that its your eyes I felt that I would want to be in the best place even if was a bit more expensive.Having looked at the different surgeons on the Moorfield’s web site I decided to go with Romesh. I am so pleased with the results and will recommend Romesh to any potential patients.

The whole process from initial consultation to the actual surgery and aftercare was so easy. Romeah advised against LASEK having studied my eyes, carefully explaining all the pros and cons of each procedure. There was no pressure to go ahead with the surgery but I am so glad that I opted to have this done.’