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Amy D, Journalist – LASIK laser eye surgery

Posted: Dec 16 2018

‘After researching/visiting several laser eye surgery clinics to compare procedure and prices, I opted to have mine done by Mr Angunawela at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, in April 2013.

From the very first consultation, Mr Angunawela and his team made me feel completely at ease and spent time with me explaining the procedure, what to expect after surgery and the level of aftercare provided. Of course, this kind of surgery can be risky and is a substantial financial commitment, so being made to feel as though I would be in ‘safe hands’ was a must. This is implicit in the service provided by Mr Angunawela and his team.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results, which quite frankly, have been life changing. I had very bad shortsightedness, so the correction needed was extensive. Having 20/20 vision is simply amazing, and after attending a three-month check up today, I have been discharged.

Mr Angunawela has given me the gift of sight again, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.’