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Posted: May 08 2017

You are in the best hands
I asked for a recommendation from a friends dad who was a very well regarded eye surgeon and Ali was the person he said he would get to do his eyes should he ever need. That was all I needed. The psychological aspect is the worst. When you can get your head round that then it ends up literally 10 minutes of discomfort for what will hopefully be 10 years of vision. Ali was completely professional- his relaxed nature puts you at ease and his wonderful and informed staff cannot go far enough to make you feel relaxed and in good hands. While some may wish to go for the cheaper options on the market- for me, my eyesight was not worth the risk. The aftercare was invaluable as the surgery to ensure any questions or concerns I had, were never a problem. I cannot recommend Ali and his team enough. If you are considering this, you will not regret using his expertise. Bring on the summer 🕶!!