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Read what previous patients have to say about our world-class eye surgeons.

Management Consultant, London – LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

‘I began with a consultation with Mr Angunawela, which was thorough, reassuring and honest. He explained the procedure in detail, and was anything but pushy, outlining without prejudice the pros and cons of laser eye surgery. Convinced that I wanted to proceed, the booking process was straightforward, and the procedure itself entirely straightforward. Mr Angunawela inspired confidence, as indeed did the support staff around him, and the operation itself was quick, almost entirely painless, and two weeks after the event, entirely successful. I can see perfectly, have had little to no irritation, and simply have to put in my eye-drops frequently (for which clear instructions are given). All in all, I couldn’t be happier and though Moorfields is without doubt at the expensive end, you are certain to receive the highest level of care, the latest technology and top quality surgeons. You only have two eyes…’

Retiree, London – Cataract surgery

‘Thank you very, very much for the successful eye operation (cataract) you did for me…..’

Student, London – Corneal Collagen Cross-linking for keratoconus

‘ Brilliant surgeon, thanks for the help and support for my son’s condition ‘

Creative Director, London – LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

‘Romesh was brilliant from beginning to end. He explained the process of Wavefront in much more detail than the other clinic I went to initially which was re-assuring. He was very careful, precise and was brilliant at making me feel relaxed about the process . The procedure was extremely quick and without any problems. I am very happy having better than 20/20 vision and no glasses!’

Tim, Photographer, London – Cataract Surgery

‘I am sure that a cataract operation is quite routine for you and your team, but I found the results to be utterly amazing and my treatment at Moorfields exemplary.

A procedure that I was quite frankly dreading was carried out in a manner that put me at ease and was painless. The professionalism of your nurses and doctors was second to none.

My sight has dramatically improved, colors, contrast and definitions are all on another level compared with before the operation.’

Victor and Joy S, Minnesota, USA – Corneal Transplant

‘…My wife and I especially want to thank you for your excellent care and concerns for our daughter. Your follow up visits and phone calls to our daughter were greatly appreciated and reassured us that she was not only getting excellent care, but in the hands of a kind, compassionate surgeon. It was so difficult for us to have that faith and trust with an ocean separating us from our daughter and her medical care providers. Your attention to our daughter was above and beyond the norm. We sincerely thank you; however simple words could never express the depth of our appreciation. Stacy plans on returning to London in Sept. to complete her Master’s degree and will be seeing you in follow up.’

Amy D, Journalist – LASIK laser eye surgery

‘After researching/visiting several laser eye surgery clinics to compare procedure and prices, I opted to have mine done by Mr Angunawela at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, in April 2013.

From the very first consultation, Mr Angunawela and his team made me feel completely at ease and spent time with me explaining the procedure, what to expect after surgery and the level of aftercare provided. Of course, this kind of surgery can be risky and is a substantial financial commitment, so being made to feel as though I would be in ‘safe hands’ was a must. This is implicit in the service provided by Mr Angunawela and his team.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the results, which quite frankly, have been life changing. I had very bad shortsightedness, so the correction needed was extensive. Having 20/20 vision is simply amazing, and after attending a three-month check up today, I have been discharged.

Mr Angunawela has given me the gift of sight again, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.’

Roger H, Hampshire – After LASIK laser eye surgery

‘Had my eyes lasered in November and the whole experience at the Moorfield eye hospital has been a good one, with a great pre, and after-care service, which I know you don’t get from the “high street” laser outfits…..AAA +++ !!’

Adrian C, Finance – LASIK laser eye surgery

‘Having spoken to friends that had undergone laser surgery I was finally convinced to go for it myself.

There are many places that offer surgery and therefore competition makes people fight to offer the best price. But when you consider that its your eyes I felt that I would want to be in the best place even if was a bit more expensive.Having looked at the different surgeons on the Moorfield’s web site I decided to go with Romesh. I am so pleased with the results and will recommend Romesh to any potential patients.

The whole process from initial consultation to the actual surgery and aftercare was so easy. Romeah advised against LASEK having studied my eyes, carefully explaining all the pros and cons of each procedure. There was no pressure to go ahead with the surgery but I am so glad that I opted to have this done.’